10 Aug 2018 11:04:35
In answer to my critics I said we,d played well but only inches saved us from 2defeats.
Many fans are getting carried away but promotion ,s are won on the pitch ,what Wolves did was a one off so let's be rational.

1.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 11:36:34
Carlo nearly Everyone is Excited about the possibility of promotion, not Expecting promotion. Do you remember Wolves were doing really well then they met Nottingham Forest and lost, they then went through a sticky patch after that. I wonder if the Wolves fans were going we will end up outside the play offs because we have lost to the easy to beat Forest and on a bad run woe is us.?

2.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 11:42:40
What exactly was a one off by Wolves ?

3.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 12:12:20
Is there no pleasing you carlo?
Another dampening post.
Wolves a one off?
Hmmmmm. . Carlo the Riddler! 🤣🤣🤣

4.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 12:20:33
Wolves wasn't a one off Carlo festa and Bournemouth bought their way into the premier.
Only thing I'd say is wolves had a better goalkeeper and defence than we have,also villa,Boro,WBA,sheep,leeds all have strong squads,won't be easy to get promotion.

5.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 14:11:26
Fawas bank balance i think Carlo is talking about the use of Portuguese players.

6.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 15:14:21
QPR did too and are paying their penalties for exceeding FFP now.

7.) 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018 15:36:01
Couple of inches stopped us winning it too Carlo glass half empty or half full