01 Oct 2018 15:06:33
How many goals has Grabban scored from open play this season? I'd be interested to see his real goals to games/ minutes ratio. I know he's playing better now so what does it look like now?

1.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 17:13:27
The simple fact that he is scoring is enough for me.

2.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 17:24:24
And me - he’s working a bit harder now and you can see it matters to him.

3.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 17:43:49
I agree with both 2star and Sgetty it doesn’t matter how he scores as long as he does why find a negative even when it’s positive

4.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 19:55:40
I just wonder what the trick cyclist will be saying when GrabOne gets to Grab 20 goals?

5.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 20:41:59
We'd have four more points if he was a bit more accurate with his penalties.🤔

6.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 22:03:46
You mean 2 points Ff. The miss against Wigan was put in by Soudani after the keeper had saved it.

7.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 06:17:34
If he would of scored the first penalty against Blackburn who’s to say they wouldn’t of equalised still or would the game of still panned out as it did?that’s just silly assuming the game would of gone the same way.

8.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 06:39:41
I agree Sutton. It's best to deal on facts rather than ifs , buts and maybes.

9.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 07:10:16
A miss is a miss can you honestly say you have confidence when he steps up to take a pen?
I don't,it's shut your eyes time with him.

10.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 12:27:43
The man himself displayed confidence to take a second penalty Ff! Surely that is what matters not that we may or may not be confident in him.

11.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 09:14:19
Some will be blaming GrabOne's beard next?

He is on course for being up the top end of the scoring charts this season so let's see how it pans out?

A little context for all you expecting your top scorer to be banging them in from the get go.

Fan favourite David Johnson only scored 2 goals from Jan to May when he first moved to Forest. Dear old Earnie went 13 games without a goal at the start of 2010 season.

Conclusion, it must be the beard causing all the negativity? 😁😁😁

12.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 11:51:45
Redin exile, If your £6.5M penalty taker (prob 10 goals from penalties a season start) does not get 20 goals then you have wasted a lot of money.

13.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 11:53:15
I'd love to see the beard go as much as any fan but if he gets us promoted and keeps scoring then he can have whatever facial hair he likes. Come on Bearded Assassin!!!

14.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 16:27:33
Look what happened to Samson when some divvy cut his hair!