11 Sep 2018 19:03:21
Gboly could be going on loan to Chesterfield, as they are a non league team the rules allow it.

1.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 19:17:00
all these players going are a clear out and a breath of fresh air

2.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 19:26:56
Chopsy You are are a strange one.

You want Aitor to be given a chance yet Aitor has not given a speed merchant a chance, he refused to play him, even in a pre season friendly.

Yet Aitor has played loads of other players, even ones that have not played for ages. Go figure.

3.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 20:12:17
speed merchant ? wtf lol. because if he s that fast put him in the national in april at least he has nt got a ball to kick about

4.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 00:05:06
Some people just cannot cope with change? Embrace it and enjoy the ride!
Things cannot get worse than under Fawaz!

5.) 12 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 23:17:03
Not seen the lad play so can't comment,pretty sure that goes for most,so chopsey unless he ten foot tall ,runs like the bolt and jumps like red rum,I doubt he'll make the final fourty,.
Won't make karankas fourty either.
Wonder what free agent is going to replace him??
Must be a Chinese player out there we've never heard of that could be an improvement🤔

6.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 09:52:21
Yes it,s time we joined the oriental revolution ,Don,t think we,ve had one yet?
Don,t think AK likes Americans

7.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 12:19:54
at least we got 2 posts up before karankas name was bought into it and if karanka puts him in the team and it goes wrong ak gets slaughtered if karanka wants him to go out on loan to get some football ak gets slaughtered how do you figure that works stag2trees

8.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 12:20:53
Having a clear out lol there's more crap coming in then going out

9.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 13:26:50
looks like he s not going now he wants to sit on his contract and before anybody says owt that's the contract that ak didn't give him. and that's a good reply skegjay well thought out.

10.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 17:04:40
Franz Carr was a speed merchant but that was about it

11.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 17:52:48
Pc76 that is going back some time, oh the memories. I know with Chesterfield he was in a different league to us but when with them he was scoring regularly. I think he deserved a few games to prove himself, last season few pulled up any trees after all.

12.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 18:37:58
stag2trees your right he does deserve a few games but not with us and i'm surprised a team like notts didn't come in for him after losing grant to luton at least that way we could have kept an eye on him but nobody in league football are interested in him so he s going to sit there and leach the club and i don't pay at the gate for players like that.

13.) 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 22:03:21
How can he leach the club ,we have given him the contract,not his fault he's just collecting what's due as will the rest of the other twenty eight firsteamers,many of who won't play much as well.🤔🤔🤔

14.) 13 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 23:48:19
Lol skeg! It’s like having a blocked drain