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02 Dec 2018 00:23:25
Have just seen highlights on EFL on Quest. Ian Holloway seemed to be hinting that Marinakis is starting to interfere in team affairs!

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02 Dec 2018 06:05:37
why what's he said?

02 Dec 2018 09:39:01
Well if he is and has just started doing it recently I suggest he carries on.
Secondly the team picks its self with a little rotation as you’d expect.
Have you ever thought that perhaps Karanka is frustrated with Dawson’s injury ? Just as we get some consistency we lose a very key player that quite frankly we have no replacement for. Before any one wades in with the Joe Worrall sermon he is not a replacement for Dawson yet.

02 Dec 2018 11:07:58
Hiw bad is the Dawson injury???? For he has been awesome since he became permenant.

02 Dec 2018 12:13:16
If it’s hamstring we won’t see him to Feb. I blame these stupid breaks for making players have to play too many games in succession.

02 Dec 2018 23:59:01
I think teams should have to play games through the international breaks in the championship anyway

30 Nov 2018 17:53:05
Foderingham in Jan anyone?

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30 Nov 2018 20:26:40
Heaton my choice.

01 Dec 2018 13:19:19
I'd prefer "fondling them" in Jan 🤣🤣🤣🤣

01 Dec 2018 18:22:33
No chance of a clean sheet then?

01 Dec 2018 22:55:05
I fancy somewhere warm in Jan? 😊

29 Nov 2018 23:44:09
I think the criticism of Pants for the 5 goals last night is harsh, can't really fault him for any of the goals. But as for the defence in front of him they were awful and can be blamed for 3 basic errors:
1. No challenge at all against Abraham's on two of the goals, Not sure what Dawson was doing? With his experience he should at least have been in a position to challenge for the headers.

2. Not closing players down when in the last third and committing to tackles when 'jockying' was required.

3. Having no clue when the Villans ran at us ending up with us making wreckless challenges.

Fair due to the Villans for having a go when 2-0 down as they had clearly done their research on our weaknesses. At times I could not watch the game as our defending was so poor, AK must be having nightmares! Unfortunately other teams will have seen this.

We don't just need a new keeper but a new defensive 6 if we are ever going to get out of this league. And bringing back Fox will not help.

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30 Nov 2018 03:55:26
For real the man is 6 foot 8 why isn't he claiming any cross into the box abraham was in the 6 yard box for 2 headers and he was still on his line he wouldn't even need to jump to beat him the air several kicks straight out handing possession straight back to them, why has he been number 2 at most clubs he has been at says it all

30 Nov 2018 06:35:05
Red James I’m guessing you’ve never been a goalkeeper with that statement.

30 Nov 2018 07:26:23
So he didn't spill the ball for the second goal??🤔🤔🤔
His job to organise his defence from free kicks and at least come for some,not stand still on his line.
His positioning is awful and is quite simply not agile.
He doesn't inspire confidence in the defence or the crowd

30 Nov 2018 08:09:44
Agree with all the doubts about pants, not sure what Sutton was meaning why don’t you explain ?
I was a centre half and when a taller quality attacker gets a run on to a good cross there is only a couple of things to stop him, getting close putting him off his jump and balance or the keeper takes 1 or 2 strides and punches the ball clear. Pants is massive and has got no excuses, he simply doesn’t command his box. Dawson did need to get closer and Robinson was also poor. But in the box the buck stops with the GK. Defenders are constantly caught in 2 minds unsure if the GK will come off his line.

30 Nov 2018 11:00:11
Sutton no never been a keeper but seen plenty take one step off there line to catch or punch the ball to safety or the very least out the striker under pressure, but maybe your right staying on line giving the striker the whole goal to aim at is right keepers seem to manage to collect crosses we make so why can't he

30 Nov 2018 11:51:09
When you think about it pants is 6foot8 add his arms say 9 inches then he jumps in the air he must be 7 foot 6 and still can't get the ball very strange !!!

30 Nov 2018 13:19:15
Agree pants needs to stop being pants someone like Randolph only six
Two ,saves plenty and comes out to catch many a few crosses as well we should consider a keeper like him . Big pants is a giant overstretched fumbling baffoon , who is slow and weak because his neuro-physical make up is similar to a clown on stilts swaying about trying to to maintain balance never mind being a goalie .

30 Nov 2018 13:40:05
Pants was rooted to his spot for a couple of the goals which was a bit embarrassing to watch as a fan. For a man of his stature you'd expect him to command and dominate the box, but he's the exact opposite. He plays like a netball player, as in one step, and if he can't reach it with an outstretched hand, it's a goal! I'm afraid his goalkeeping will cost us points this season.

30 Nov 2018 18:25:50
1st goal was Robinson not stopping cross n daws got underneath the ball 2nd goal was a bit flops from whole team even grabs could of gone have it, but whacked it straight at Villa player 3rd goal Robbo should never of dived in, stay on ya feet make sure cross don’t come in simple 4th goal again can’t defend free kick 5th goal was well worked by villa

30 Nov 2018 20:35:04
Remember Paul "Smudger" Smith! He s 6 ft 4 and I never saw him come for a cross. Reminds me of Pants. Needs replacing. Peter Schmeical was similar build but God help you if you were in his way when he claimed a cross.

30 Nov 2018 22:00:32
Spot on stokey,he didn't last long,pants is worst I've seen,said so last season and should never have signed him,bit I wouldn't hold your breath on him being replaced, he shouldn't be playing tomorrow but he will.
Don't think for one minute karanka will bring another goalkeeper in, feel sorry for steel as he must be wondering how bad pants has to be to get a chance?

30 Nov 2018 22:17:23
You know what they say about big feet?
And he's got big hands as well.
Definitely a big dick when it comes to goalkeeping and his name is PANTS to prove it.🤔

30 Nov 2018 23:06:54
Pants is indefensible. He is utter crap. Said it all along, stays rooted to his line, an utter clown. He never ever comes fir a cross. The worst goalie i have ever seen.

01 Dec 2018 22:56:11
Please go and watch those Villa goals again. There is no way any goalkeeper would come for the whipped in crosses headed in by a very good centre forward. He was just better than our defenders on the night!

01 Dec 2018 23:18:21
Go chill on the lake!
If defenders are set up to defend the 6 yard box then the keeper should not come out.
Just because he is 6'8" it does not mean he will win every ball as he will get blocked off.
Focus on his shot stopping I can think of only one goal where he has been chipped?
As for the worst keeper what about the Serbian Beast?

02 Dec 2018 14:24:21
Just read all your posts about Pants and agree with a lot of what you are all saying,so what do you want AK to do,bring steel in,ok I’m ok with that,but if that happens and it fails and we loose the game (it could be against the sheep)who’s going to take all the flak.wont be you moaners,can her you lot saying now,you don’t change a winning team AK would get hung drawn and quartered by you lot.
We all no what have in Pants and it ain’t that good but in my opinion he's the best we have until January so let it drop a bit ay

29 Nov 2018 19:27:29
Going to be stretched at Centre Half now TF has a 3 match suspension.

Dawson a cert but he is 35 and volume of games will be tough for him.

Hefele is so slow, and will be caught out against pacy strikers.

Fox is steady at best but can't defend crosses into the box as he doesn't seem able to get himself off the ground to head out crosses.

With Worral gone for the season (I still question that decision) this together with left back and goalkeeper could be areas to look at in January.

We could of course play Robinson CH if we could sign a left back.

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29 Nov 2018 18:41:33
Must be the worst ever display by two goalkeepers in one game. Steel has to have his chance as Pants is not up to it and will cost us more points if he remains COYR.

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29 Nov 2018 20:03:02
Chick Tompson. F A cup winner 1959
Agree pal.
Pants is the worse goalkeeper in the championship. Apart from the Villa clown perhaps.
If we are serious about promotion, we MUST sign amother keeper in Jan.

29 Nov 2018 14:20:40
Clubs sniffing round lolley preparing to offer 5m lmao.
He's not for sale certainly not for that amount. We need to slap a 30m price tag on him.

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29 Nov 2018 14:48:53
We have had enough of clubs taking our best assets these last few seasons , hope the club tells them what to do . they never offer their best assets in exchange ,Lolley is priceless to us , all our play up front comes through him he is irreplaceable . Sign him on an extended contract . AK has now starting to get us ticking foolish to dismantle the best up and coming side in the EFL. Pants still not giving me confidence there seems no improvement, watch and wait till Christmas then sorry pal , on your bike.

29 Nov 2018 16:29:08
Agreed lolley must stay under no circumstaces should he be allowed to leave plus why would he want to go to cardiff ?they will probally be relegated anyway we must not sell our best players

29 Nov 2018 17:07:56
What club reveals there target let alone the price there going to offer load of rubbish lazy journalism i read that article awful site that is

29 Nov 2018 17:30:00
Yep seen it also RJ

29 Nov 2018 09:52:12
January transfer window. We definitely need a quality keeper because pants is pants.
Who's available or who should we go after.
Butland Westwood heaton?

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29 Nov 2018 11:36:59
What about Forster on loan?

29 Nov 2018 13:29:20
Any of the above please 🙏🙏

29 Nov 2018 14:35:35
Id even go after "Vivienne" Westwood!!!

29 Nov 2018 16:02:19
Watching the highlights it looked like someone had nailed Pantilimons boots to the pitch. Can someone tell him it’s ok to move!

29 Nov 2018 17:12:23
Like I was told before last night's game we should just show him our support bet those opinions have changed sorry never liked him and never will he will cost us promotion, being kind he has cost us 6 points so far this season that would have made us joint 1st make steel number 1, Smith number 2 then send him out on loan to league 2

29 Nov 2018 20:54:09
Let's go for butland spend brereton money on bringing him
He would make the difference from automatic promotion. While pants is in net. We will struggle to make play offs
If you look at most of our goals conceded.
He's been at fault for 50% of them.

30 Nov 2018 00:48:44
We would never stand a chance of getting butland costs to much money and will go to a prem club if he was to leave stoke turned down 10 million for him in the summer

29 Nov 2018 23:20:33
What planet are you on Always? If Pickford cost £30m+ then Butland is worth ast least that amount so £7m barely pays the deposit plus BB might get sent home as he is not getting much game time?

28 Nov 2018 23:25:06
What can we say we've been saying we need to put a few past a team but think the defence heard different and thought we needed to concede more lol. What a match plenty of quality attacking football. We defo got wat it takes to be in top 6 after first 10 games when we drew 7 won 2 lost 1 the last 9 games reads won 5 drawn 3 lost 1.

Just a couple of those draws into wins at the start we'd be staring down the barrel of the top 2. So not a bad start 7 out of ten so far this season just need to win 3 or 4 on the bounce occasionally and we should sit nicely in the top 6 ( Please God I hope so ). Also think pants needs a few good games seems his clangers are costing us dearly mite need to look elsewhere in January.

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28 Nov 2018 22:29:43
Think Bradley Johnson might be in a bit of bother trying to give Joe Allan a love bite!

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29 Nov 2018 07:06:33
i seen on Twitter that he was yellow carded for kicking off so he might get away with it .

28 Nov 2018 22:27:09
Brilliant going forward. Cash Lolley Grabban and Carvalho all outstanding.
Less so defensively.

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29 Nov 2018 07:26:01
NNR - not surprising since we seem to have a goalkeeper who’s has phobia about leaving his goal line.

29 Nov 2018 20:19:20
True oak opposition clubs will have sussed him out and start bombarding him with crosses out of all the teams we've played villa are the best at this .


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