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13 May 2018 20:19:17
What I don't understand is why doesn't karanka use his Spanish connections and and bring in a few hidden gems which I would of thought is the main reason the fat Greek guy employed him for yet all we ever get linked with is middle aged journeymen. we all know Spanish footballers are better then english yet it seems dean marney and michael Dawson are going put fuel in are fire . Sort us out karanka.


1.) 13 May 2018 22:20:04
I am hoping he has a few more gems like Toby Fig up his sleeve.

2.) 13 May 2018 22:59:12
Toby is Portuguese.
Just saying.
Maybe that was gift from Jose??๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

3.) 13 May 2018 23:01:16
Hopefully he is but he's just not publicising the targets so nobody beats us to them.

4.) 13 May 2018 23:10:20
The fat Greek has eaten everybody

5.) 14 May 2018 03:08:04
Italians are supposed to be better than English players, that went well when Platt was Forest manager.

The players a club are linked to and the players they get are not always the same, some choose different clubs, and some are just fiction from the media.

Karanka will only want players based on experience of the Championship, or their play is suited to the Championship.

6.) 14 May 2018 03:11:35
I thought he preferred toilet paper.

7.) 14 May 2018 09:17:10
Hey 2star how about showing our owner a bit of respect we do not want to go down the same road as fawaz with the abuse no need my friend

8.) 14 May 2018 12:08:02
Because if he bought them in and they failed the moaners would moan asking why we havnt bought in experiencesd players that have played in the English leagues.its a no long as he doesnโ€™t start raiding key sports management players we shouldnโ€™t be ok ๐Ÿ˜‰

9.) 14 May 2018 12:50:30
That's "Juan" good post mate!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

10.) 14 May 2018 15:11:09
To keep you all happy here is a list of the "published targets" for Forest
De Vrij

As they are all available on freebies management is going to offer them 10 year contracts to stay within FFP so we can do a Wolves next season.


11.) 16 May 2018 11:29:56
apparently derby may be wanting to cash in on vydta to cut back their wage bill bext season, and would want 8mil for him. of everyone we've been linked with i'd prefer vydra to them all, especially at 8mil which i think is a good price for him. would they want to sell to us though?

12.) 16 May 2018 16:08:32
NFFC99 glad it's not my money your spending

13.) 16 May 2018 20:00:51
fair enough 1978, i just think 8mil for a proven 20 championship goals a season, 26 year old striker is a good deal

14.) 16 May 2018 20:27:35
That's all well and good but we aren't party to available funds. Splashing out 8mil would leave how much in the Greek warchest I wonder?



11 Feb 2018 15:58:54
Rumour has it forest are sacking AK on Monday don't shoot the messenger.


1.) 11 Feb 2018 17:08:38
Would be a brave decision to do that,
But one that might be necessary.
We need a united squad to win this relegation fight,something is definitely wrong behind the scenes.
But I expect to see him at Burton.

2.) 11 Feb 2018 17:30:07
Not having a go YellowMan but even by our standards that is a bizarre rumour ๐Ÿšฌ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ˜

3.) 11 Feb 2018 19:13:22
99% of be says " Utter Rubbish ". The owner wouldn't have let him bring in all of the new players just to get rid of him. But 1% of me says " Well it is Forest " !

4.) 11 Feb 2018 19:41:56
Hey yellowman, to put things like that on here is not on,I am asking you to put up or shut up. I know we don't reveal our contacts but that is one hell of a statement.Your messenger must be so close to the forest management to know things like this.You are nothing but a faceless idiot who's mouth is so big and your brain so empty you talk with an echo.

5.) 11 Feb 2018 19:52:47
They will pull the plug if we lose the next few make no mistake.
They won't allow relegation in their first season they can't afford it to happen.

6.) 11 Feb 2018 20:13:27
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ no chance

7.) 11 Feb 2018 22:05:56
Which Monday ?

8.) 11 Feb 2018 22:08:02
Yeah great letโ€™s get rid of another manager who ainโ€™t time to even gel his players who heโ€™s brought in. No wonder everyone thinks we are a joke please no more manager. Changes until we have given them time.

9.) 11 Feb 2018 22:25:22
Is it ok with you if that means getting relegated?
Just asking?
Ps they aren't fit enough to gel.
Put em all in and then you'll see a real laughing stock.
Tomlin ?He wobbles down the left he wobbles down the right?
It didn't take Warnock long to know he was ?

10.) 11 Feb 2018 23:30:20
We won't get relegated.

11.) 11 Feb 2018 23:37:39
Give me one good reason why?

12.) 11 Feb 2018 23:39:55
Think we might escape by the skin of our teeth again. Burton, Barnsley, Reading and Birmingham are all in as bad form and Sunderland have awful team but Coleman has improved them. Think much depends on the games we have coming up against those teams.
Personally I am sick of our transfer policy, buying ex pre-K players. go buy some young class acts from League 1 in summer please!!!

13.) 12 Feb 2018 02:02:50
Its the lack of goals and chances that is worrying. Creativity zero,!

Cannot see where the goals are going to come from?

14.) 12 Feb 2018 14:13:01
2pm still waiting for the announcement.

15.) 13 Feb 2018 12:22:05
Must be next Monday Carlo?




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28 Jun 2019 20:14:44
Hearing rumours about Mon in the changing room he used bring the miracle men in and get the players to get changed into so called "uncomfortable outfits" and put on the hot chocolate song you sexy thing (I believe in miracles) which he thought would make them into more confident individuals on the pitch but instead caused uproar among the players. Don't shoot the messenger.


1.) 28 Jun 2019 20:41:05
Yellowman what?

2.) 28 Jun 2019 21:00:01
I heard he played yellow by Coldplay whilst making them have an ice bath. Don’t shoot the messenger .

3.) 28 Jun 2019 21:09:22
Think someones pulling your plonker yellow man, sounds like a tall table to me.

4.) 28 Jun 2019 21:28:45
They also played the Village People before each match to inspire the players.

5.) 28 Jun 2019 21:42:41
My anthem would be reach for the stars and the ones that didn't would have made it on the end of my boot.



23 Jun 2019 18:06:20
Right here I go I have just set up a petition "get Martin out" feel free to sign up or join me outside the city ground at 8am to 10pm every day until he's left and replaced with Steve McLaren.


1.) 23 Jun 2019 18:34:00
I'll send you down a clown's outfit so everyone is clear on why you are standing outside!



15 Jun 2019 15:02:08
Just thinking if we wasn't so tight with money we could of had mcginn and I know they say one man doesn't make a team but with him and lolley we would of been in the play offs.


1.) 15 Jun 2019 16:01:35
Better to look forward than back

2.) 15 Jun 2019 17:08:44
And if we'd of bought Ronaldo we could of made play offs all ifs and buts time to move on and look forward

3.) 15 Jun 2019 17:34:15
Skegsjay, although you were making a point Mcginn was a realistic player to buy, as for Ronaldo we could not afford his medical team.

4.) 15 Jun 2019 18:50:33
Or his hair gel!!!

5.) 15 Jun 2019 19:14:45
Cheers GM2d good to know you've got my back

6.) 15 Jun 2019 20:10:21
if we bought him and he flopped you would prob of Maine’s we paid too much.splashing out 5million + on a player from the Scottish league is very risky,the cons out weigh the pros.

7.) 15 Jun 2019 20:24:52
Who’s to say he would of played well in our team last season or this season cheers Sutton glad to see you’ve got my back lol

8.) 15 Jun 2019 20:51:16
Do I hint a bit sarcasm skegness

9.) 15 Jun 2019 21:42:22
No everyone knows I'm not a sarcastic person

10.) 16 Jun 2019 07:53:39
Skegs. I've got your back!
Whit and sarcasm are 2 different things yellow and this is a Banter site!

11.) 16 Jun 2019 09:28:48
Skeg will be telling us next he never rated Karanka!?

Let the past go Skeg. This lad Harrison Reed can do a job for us?



31 May 2018 16:13:56
Grant leadbitter anyone? I would prefer him over dean marney anyday.


1.) 31 May 2018 16:51:09
Over Marney all day long. however,it would be encouraging if we were going for players in there mid twenties??? I'm not so sure Dawson can play all season long,and Worrell as back up??? We need pace at the back more than anything.
Just sayin๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

2.) 31 May 2018 17:12:16
Rogie, we need pace and height at the back, whatever anyone thinks of Dawson he played about 40 games for Hull last season.

3.) 31 May 2018 18:20:29
We need a mixture of old and young we start bringing in to many old heads and it doesn't work we will end up like the sheep where there going to after find a new team cause most of them are past it but me personally always liked leadbitter would be a great addition

4.) 31 May 2018 19:00:19
Skegsjay, when owners demand promotion instead of progression managers respond with panic measures, one of them is to bring in too many players that are getting on a bit. Until Karanka has brought all the players he wants in it is best to hold any judgments. If is only two letters, but a big word.

5.) 31 May 2018 21:41:34
And Rams are consistently in and around the top 6 with there pensioners not flirting with relegation.

6.) 01 Jun 2018 00:14:53
Perks you are right they were as in were now it's a whole new team for them and as lampArd said we need younger players lampards words not mine ๐Ÿ˜† we already have a bunch of good young players and with a few older heads could be a good squad that is with a few older heads not the whole team it's that simples.

7.) 01 Jun 2018 06:05:55
Perks, question: Did the derby owner spend all that money to continually each season to be in and around the top six with a ageing squad only getting older,or to be promoted?

8.) 01 Jun 2018 07:30:05
To get promoted within a couple of years and it's obviously backfired.Unlike them we have a good academy with lads breaking into the first team squad to supplement experienced players.As many people have stated you next a nice mix of ages



20 Feb 2018 20:56:33
It doesn't matter what manager this club has they always fail even pep couldn't sort this team out stuff this I'm going down the other end of A52.


1.) 20 Feb 2018 21:08:47
Enjoy your experience at Stoke as they seem to be struggling as well?

Acorns take a little while to grow down in the Forest!

2.) 20 Feb 2018 22:41:29
What yellowman granthams not a hot bed of football ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚




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23 Jun 2019 12:21:47
Rumours he is signing a 5 year contract




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19 Jun 2019 17:52:08
Rather them to take hotmail them yahoo




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15 Jun 2019 14:38:29
I would take 98 pts




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15 Jun 2019 14:15:44
Listen we all have different views I see us fighting relegation next season if Murphy moves on which would make him a big loss if I was MON I would give him that contract extension without any hesitation




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15 Jun 2019 11:49:19
But his agent knows Murphy is irreplaceable to forest because they haven't had a striker of his calibre since junior agogo





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21 Jun 2019 22:29:53
"There trying to make go to rehab but I say no no no"




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18 Jun 2019 20:46:02
I'm guessing with the owner being as dodgy as sin with his heroin ships, 8-15 mil




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15 Jun 2019 20:51:16
Do I hint a bit sarcasm skegness




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15 Jun 2019 19:14:45
Cheers GM2d good to know you've got my back




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30 May 2019 17:22:12
Good post clough