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30 Jul 2020 20:23:44
I recommend all reds to read the athletics article. I'll summarise for the tight reds:

There will be big changes to playing staff not coaching.

Question some players mentality.

January transfer was a disaster and the club know it. Our main targets were Gayle, Grosicki and Freeman.

QPR interested in Ben Watson offering him 2 year contract.

Qatar club interested in Grabban.

The manager at olympiakos messed up but they gave him a second opportunity and he won the league. They're giving Lamouchi a similar opportunity.

We may sell a big player (Not really an exclusive) .

They will tweak the recruitment.

1.) 30 Jul 2020 21:28:44
But will they have to sell a big player to be able to reinforce the squad? We have flogged off forwards in the past who would have provided the extra needed to at least reach play offs. Bamford, Burke and even Appiah come to mind.

2.) 31 Jul 2020 01:54:06
It’s all well an good saying stuff but I will wait until it happens.

3.) 31 Jul 2020 09:37:42
Just more of the same, meaningless.

4.) 31 Jul 2020 10:00:01
Gayle was not and is not the answer, unless we change formation with two up top. The teams that reach the auto spots generally play two strikers and take the game to the opposition. They generally have a couple of decent wiley old pros to bring off the bench, austin etc at westbrom. You only have to look at the type of players at these clubs to realise why we got found out.
Lamouchi may stay but unless the dof and a the majority of players are changed then nothing will be any different and getting things to jell in a short period and push for promotion will be very hard with the upheaval promised.



12 Jul 2020 09:36:36
We are in for Lyle Taylor on a free.

1.) 13 Jul 2020 14:49:09
Another injury prone player.



23 Apr 2020 16:30:04
The manager is in talks to extend his contract 👍🏻.

1.) 23 Apr 2020 18:37:32
Untill we lose a game then he will be able to do no right.

2.) 23 Apr 2020 21:14:54
Football waits - you must not be familiar with me I don’t accept negativity like that 😂.



06 Aug 2019 15:38:07
Linked with left footed centreback Chema Rodriguez. 6ft2 baller.

1.) 06 Aug 2019 17:33:00
Fulham also interested made offer. Can we compete with them?!

2.) 06 Aug 2019 22:07:44
Couldn't care less don't want to see anymore centre backs or midfielders
Striker is the problem and a big one.



30 Jul 2019 21:37:18
Linked with Samba Sow. From the videos he looks like a midfielder bruiser (he is the one giving the bruises) on one clip he completely destroys Guedioura 😂😂 funny.

1.) 30 Jul 2019 21:54:39
Sow we need another defensive midfielder 30 years old played in France, Turkey and Russia, unbelievable crap we are looking at.
We are short of goalscoring midfielders not his type.
Sow we are going into the season with one proven striker and two 22 year old hopefuls.
Unbelievable strategy from the dof.
Dont buy a house Lamouchi as you don't stand a chance if injury strikes.
You reap what you sow 🤔🤔🤔.

2.) 30 Jul 2019 22:59:02
you make some good points 79 but the transfer window isn’t closed yet and the season hasn’t even started.

3.) 30 Jul 2019 23:16:56
FF. I've just watched a couple YouTube clips of SOW. A bruiser or should I say a chopper. Hacks the opposition down. Vinnie Jones springs to mind. 😂😂.

4.) 30 Jul 2019 23:34:22
Unbelievable Jeff!

5.) 30 Jul 2019 23:41:44
Lets hope we can still find another proven goalscoring centre forward. Mir and Walker are completely untried at this level. Grabban gets injured again and we will struggle.

6.) 31 Jul 2019 07:47:50
You sometimes don't have to look at the name at the bottom to know who the post is from.
Let's all meet up and throw our tickets in the trent with 79.
Were doomed I tell you lol
That's the spirit pal, not even kicked a ball in the league and we look like dross 🤣.

7.) 31 Jul 2019 10:21:04
That's 6 points in the bag against Millwall then?

8.) 31 Jul 2019 10:48:30
Got nothing to do with spirit reddog, we are just making the same mistake as last season by relying solely on grabban and look what happened there.
If you think the squad is good or better than last season then fair enough, that's your opinion, I just can't see grabban staying fit and other than lolley who's going to score.
I really hope your right, but personally can't see it.

9.) 31 Jul 2019 11:31:21
One of our problems with our midfielders is that they move the ball too slowly and are not strong enough against the battling teams. Geddy and Benny are going or gone which is no great loss. At least this guy is a big enforcer who from the vt clips drives forward and puts his foot in which will help playing a high press. He is also going to be a handful at set pieces at either end something else we need to improve on!

I've no idea whether he will be good or bad but at least we are assembling a midfield with different qualities for 46 games and different challenges which is again where we fall short?

Let's embrace the samba spirit and enjoy the ride!

10.) 31 Jul 2019 13:01:14
Sow might be useful and a good price. But we do definitely need to get somebody better in upfront this window. I see Cardiff just spent £5.5 million on a striker. We have to try to compete with them to go up.

11.) 31 Jul 2019 14:53:18
If we had paid 5.5mill for Glatzel do you think our fans would be seeing that as a big signing or another waste of money, TWF?

12.) 31 Jul 2019 16:48:51
Well at least he had a good scoring record in Germany last season. In his mid 20s so got resale value. Think there is a better chance he starts and scores regularly than Mir does. Or Tyler.

13.) 31 Jul 2019 18:34:53
Cardiff have all that dosh from being in the Premier league and they only spend £5.5m on striker, cheap skates.

14.) 31 Jul 2019 18:44:25
Behave TWF, if we had signed him for that amount he would have been slaughtered by our fans before he had even kicked a ball.

15.) 31 Jul 2019 21:30:46
TWF We were just a Championship club last season, as we are this season and we spent 13m on a midfielder, that makes Cardiffs 5.5m on a striker look nothing.

16.) 05 Aug 2019 10:52:47
Well if Forest choose to spend that on a midfield player who barely ever plays and not on a top class striker we deserve not to go up. And I don't think we can blame the manager for signing these players. Not sure who does sign them.




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02 Aug 2020 09:32:09
Auction started for Cash - Southampton with 12 million. Not enough I'd expect At least 15 million and a player e. g. Che Adams (unlikely due to him scoring a couple recently) or Harrison Reed. (On loan at Fulham)

1.) 02 Aug 2020 09:53:31
If we sell cash instead of Worrall that’s just going to be the bitterest pill to swallow .

2.) 02 Aug 2020 11:53:31
Unless we unload the dead wood Bong Jenkinson Clough Adohma Walker Benny Hefele Carvalho then these players will take up around 6million of the Matty Cash sale in wages, so I sadly don't expect under the FFP rules that we'll have much manoeuvring room in the transfer market.

3.) 02 Aug 2020 13:01:40
to be honest i think it will be difficult to shift some of them. who would want them.

4.) 02 Aug 2020 13:47:51
Skegbyred Benny?

5.) 02 Aug 2020 13:56:52
Benalouane Stevie.

6.) 02 Aug 2020 14:04:02



29 Jul 2020 18:32:32
I have a feeling we will get promoted next season. call me deluded but I can feel it in my bones.

1.) 29 Jul 2020 18:48:18
I'll have what you're drinking Redtree.

2.) 29 Jul 2020 20:16:59
Nottinghamshire cider.

3.) 29 Jul 2020 20:33:57
No chance redtree reasons not to be optimistic,
1, the 3 coming down from the prem are far stronger than us and have the parachute payment.
2, the 3 who don't go up via the play offs are a lot stronger than us.
3, we've got a massive squad high wage bill, poor quality, unable to offload overpaid players making signing new players difficult because of FFP.
4, we will probably lose the only quality players we have Lolley Cash just to pay the wage bill leaving little to spend.
To sum up too many poor signings on ridiculous wages and long contracts which seems to be our problem over the last few seasons, I think we'll do well to stay mid table unless by some miracle clubs come in for the likes of Bong Jenkinson Clough Hefele Benny Pants Adohma Carvalho probably saving us around £6,000,000 in wages.

4.) 29 Jul 2020 21:56:22
Dont think anyone will touch lolley with his shin splints.
Very good player but has his off days because of it.
Cash will be gone and worrall too.
Grabban? 2 or three mill with one last pay package .
Just think then we will at least have darikwa bombing down the wing with jenkinson picking up.20k a week for warming the bench.



23 Jul 2020 18:16:43
After a few days of reflection I think Sabri should be given an opportunity to set things right. Ultimately maybe he didn't have the right players. Our midfielders struggled to pass the ball 3 yards. You have to take into account his emotion in that interview too. I think if he gets a couple of midfielders who can actually pass/ carry the ball forward we would be a guaranteed playoffs. Obv a few additions in certain positions too. The evidence is those managers who have a second season tend to do well plus it will be Something different To us fans.

1.) 23 Jul 2020 19:32:13
I’m actually more annoyed than I was last night, there’s plenty in that team I wouldn’t like to see pull the red shirt on ever again,

2.) 23 Jul 2020 19:41:54
Saw chris cohen today with his tracksuit on, i thought should i ask him wtf is going on behind the scenes?
But i decided i could not be bothered.
Im going to give us a miss for next season ill listen on radio if i feel like it and see if the big fellow actually does something to get us excited.
Hes got to pull a rabbitt out the hat to get fans back onside in my opinion.

3.) 23 Jul 2020 20:05:16
Stevie I’ve never been as embarrassed to be a forest fan as I was last night and forestforever79 I agree with you something massive needs to happen to get fans interested again as the owner is going on about record ticket sales, I’m predicting there will be record refunds.

4.) 23 Jul 2020 22:14:49
Forestforever79 your name a contradiction if as you say you can't be bothered.
Luckily there won't be that many like you and Arran if reading most of the posts today are anything g to go by.

5.) 24 Jul 2020 02:22:48
Only time will tell trentender I’ll say it again I’ve never been embarrassed to be a forest fan as I were Wednesday evening, my heart will always be a red dog an with that comes the optimism every season but after Wednesday night I can’t see where forest are going to go without a major clearout from top to bottom, I said straight after the final whistle heads should roll for this, but if you can see the optimism good for you, we all want the same in the end and that’s our great club competing against the very best 😊.

6.) 24 Jul 2020 09:47:49
Your deluding yourself trentender if you don't think thousands won't ask for a refund.
I don't bow to peer pressure of what you think is right i just go to work and work bloody hard for my money so if i can't attend I'll have my £470 back.
I've been a supporter for 57 years through thick and thin but there's never been a virus about.
So if you want to be a charity and see the players still collecting their bliated salaries while your sat in your armchair then you do that.
Just don't expect others to do the same.



22 Jul 2020 23:06:35
Lamouchis interview was different. be interesting to know peoples opinions on whether he should go or not. I am conflicted now. I have wanted stability for awhile,

1.) 23 Jul 2020 00:03:58
Redtree I don't think it makes any difference it just never seems to end and is bordering along the lines of boredom right now. The only difference being after we sack THE COACH and sell a couple of home grown lads who will warm the benches of other clubs is that this time we had a chance and for a while but seemed nailed on. You wait till next season when we on our second coach of the new season by Xmas.



22 Jul 2020 21:47:47
Bye bye Sabri it was fun but you bottled it.

1.) 22 Jul 2020 21:53:57
Ever since he got his contract forest have looked inept.

2.) 22 Jul 2020 21:55:23
Bye bye sabri, it was dull and you totally bottled it.

Probably deserves another crack.

3.) 22 Jul 2020 21:56:17
More excruciating than fun.




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07 Aug 2020 18:50:01
Greeks are saying this lad is signing for panathanaikos.



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02 Aug 2020 09:27:36
Southampton 12 mil bid.



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27 Apr 2020 09:45:46
The Greek media is put forward by rival media/ football teams. Pay no attention to it.



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23 Apr 2020 21:14:54
Football waits - you must not be familiar with me I don’t accept negativity like that 😂.



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08 Feb 2020 20:03:36
Probably international clearance.




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08 Aug 2020 09:09:13
Those kind of players you mention 79 are just pure class. Ronaldo should probably go down as the best ever or be at least well up there on all time greats. Same goes to messi.



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07 Aug 2020 18:46:15
Stevie maybe you need your eyes testing then. Both of those ‘excuses’ are true. Just because a manager doesn’t pick a player doesn’t mean they’re crap. It’s clear Lamouchi doesn’t play a formation where Carvs can fit in,



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07 Aug 2020 18:42:12
Greeks are saying it’s a load of bull and the kid is off to panathinaikos.



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06 Aug 2020 22:59:28
Stevie if I can’t guarantee he’s good you can’t guarantee he’s bad. He might not make it here but he will be one of those players who light it up at another club when he leaves. Carvs is Much better than Clough.



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06 Aug 2020 20:13:28
Cash is exceptional at this level. Like I said it’s not dreamland if a club wants him they will have to pay.