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19 Feb 2020 19:41:43
Business end of the season and time to start doing the business. Scrappy 1-0 wins, dogged come from behind draws, not interested in football purity - just get the points on the board. A 6,7 even 8 game unbeaten run will cement our top 6 place, mostly wins and pressure well applied to the top 2. Luck with injuries and more of a fair riub of the green from officials (an agenda surely, too frequent for paranoia) and Forest can achieve. But we do it as a team because Together Everyone Achieves More. COYR.

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20 Feb 2020 07:42:32
Our back four and keeper are amoungst the best in the league. And our holding two very strong. It will be scrappy odd goal victories for sure. Very interesting two months scouse.

20 Feb 2020 11:34:31
Yes, would agree back four and keeper best in the Championship. In many games though holding play in midfield has been non existent - desperation football at times! Lots of scrappy wins already - would like to see some more controlled games and more cohesion. And more goals hopefully.

20 Feb 2020 20:43:02
Keep your eyes on the prize, 3 points every game. 🤓.

21 Feb 2020 09:00:36
I agree red hot but though blessed with skilĺ silva does not impact on enough games and maybe its pace that let's him down can't fault his effort something Missing at this level.

21 Feb 2020 20:57:06
What he lacks is a final ball and goal when in good positions.
What he can do is tackle as well and that's probably why he gets in ahead of carvalho, if ever he can deliver a final ball and score regular he'd be first class.
Nobody has knocked him more than me but he just fits in with the hard working team ethic that we are about.

19 Feb 2020 12:32:59
Paul Taylor is posting this morning that the marcus mguane deal will go through the hold up is Barcelona and paperwork

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18 Feb 2020 12:45:01
Can anyone tell what as happened to the player we were supposed to to be signing from Barcelona.

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18 Feb 2020 16:33:38
Still being held up by paperwork. There's a story online in the Post today.

17 Feb 2020 12:23:52
Forest linked with Crewe right-back Perry Ng. Five assists this season in League Two.

Would be amusing to see NG 2 on the back of his shirt, whilst playing in West Bridgford.

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19 Feb 2020 13:19:48
At least he'll feel at home. 👍.

14 Feb 2020 22:31:52
Game will be off tomorrow along with most.

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15 Feb 2020 09:58:26
Anybody know when Middlesbrough away comes on to general sale, says 14th of feb but still not out yet.

15 Feb 2020 12:28:03
That is a poor rumour:) .

15 Feb 2020 21:14:45
The weather forecasters are about as good as my football bets, full of hope, they get it right. 😁.

14 Feb 2020 14:00:52
Well Grabbon injured, we were praying he wouldn't, must have put the forest jinx on him, knowing our track record our players seem to get long term injuries when some of the fans suggested our doggy pitch? well this will test our metal Saturday and beyond.

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14 Feb 2020 16:24:56
Grabban is still in the running to be fit for Saturday.

Nuno Da Costa got injured v Crewe U23s so will miss the game.

Might only have Tyler Walker available if Grabban doesn't make it.

14 Feb 2020 16:47:11
Wonder if the Grabban "injury" is just smoke and mirrors stuff, bit like McGuane?

14 Feb 2020 21:39:45
Tyler will be fine with cash roberio lolley and ameobi supply him instead of what he got on Tuesday two full backs that didn't have a sprint in them to get forward to cross a ball.

Wasnt Tyler's fault he nearly scored from the two opportunities he had, grabbs missed three against brum and one from ten yards? 🤔.

15 Feb 2020 10:48:43
I’ve said it before some players that are excellent in championship want to get to prem.
But some of those excellent championship players know they can’t cut it in prem. thus will be needing to find another club.
It’s not impossible to think one or two would stop trying because they comfortable in championship being heroes.
And wouldn’t want to move settled family to another team city. Just a thought. because half our team know they not good enough and would need replacing.

15 Feb 2020 16:04:07
All the Sheffield United team weren't good enough, but hey ho they are making a go of it.

13 Feb 2020 19:16:14
Is there any update regarding the player we are supposed to be getting on loan from Barcelona.

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14 Feb 2020 16:47:28

12 Feb 2020 09:25:51
Hi all just read the post match interview by Lamouchi.
Apparently grabben and sow are injured hence them not being played.
If grabbens injury is severe will he play at the weekend?

With walker and costa as back up god help us.
In hindsight should forest of got another proven striker incase grabben gets injured?
Food for though after last nights reserve team choice.

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12 Feb 2020 10:58:43
On the striker issue, we were linked with plenty of proven championship strikers, like Taylor who scored against us last night! For what ever reason we didn’t get one and are left with Da Costs and Walker. Now Walker was unlucky not to score last night and if he did we would be singing his praises today but DaCosta didn’t look good. I think most if not all of us would agree it was a poor transfer window.

12 Feb 2020 11:26:38
I think it's really unfair to be judging a lot of the players on last night's performance. Lamouchi made a mistake and put the players in the firing line.

Jenkinson, Bong, Diakhaby, Da Costa - I don't think any of these will have settled in yet, perhaps not even fully match fit, not used to their team mates or systems and yet thrown in at the deep end all at once and expected to perform in such an important game. They all looked pretty poor but I don't think they're as bad as last night's game suggests. Lamouchi's at fault in so many ways - Poor selection, now lost momentum and possibly affected some player's confidence. Really, really poor from SL, but had we won the game he'd be lauded for a stroke of genius. That's the life of a Manager.

12 Feb 2020 13:11:25
I agree Wonky, it was too much to expect all the new signings to just suddenly click, Da Costa a late sub too, I think it's too soon to write them all off yet.

12 Feb 2020 21:26:30
Don’t know why we did not go for Hogan, instead of cheap imports from France.

12 Feb 2020 21:38:57
We all know that sutty so why didn't Lamouchi?
He thought millwall and Wigan he could put a few in and look what happened, he's seen them in training and come out afterwards with a tame excuse that players were injured, say it before not afterwards and we all know it's a lie as they will all play Saturday.

13 Feb 2020 08:56:37
Yeah, Hogan would have been a great loan signing, certainly hit the ground running at Brum.


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