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15 Jan 2021 11:12:47
Looks like we're going to miss out on Krovonovic as well as Whiteman maybe Hughton is not as well connected as we thought

Never mind there's plenty of aging centre backs and defensive 30+ midfielders on daft money for him to sign

Trent side Care home and donkey sanctuary open for business.

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15 Jan 2021 11:55:51
It is not whom Forest may or may not have wanted but they have already moved to a new club.

It is about whom comes in.

It has already been seen that one minute Duffy is coming, then the next minute he is not.

15 Jan 2021 16:50:51
I think the only signing Hughton has made is knockeart so harsh to criticise him right now.

15 Jan 2021 18:22:04
Might be a case of needing to move out lot of our retirees before they can bring anyone in .

16 Jan 2021 13:13:19
If we can't get the right player I would rather not sign any, we have enough to survive and do our business in the summer. No last minute panic buys.

16 Jan 2021 21:59:21
Totally agree redog
See the season out.

13 Jan 2021 14:37:59
Why are we after Jephcott who is an attacking mid Wales U21 international when we have a Wales senior international attacking mid out on loan! Bring back Brennan Johnson!

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13 Jan 2021 15:48:43
Because he is not a Forest player, the club does not rate their young players.

13 Jan 2021 17:49:24
Because he is actually a striker and a very good young one at that.

13 Jan 2021 19:02:40
Kev. I take it you have seen him play, what does he have that Swann does not?

13 Jan 2021 19:36:49
It says he's a midfielder as well on some sites.
Bloody good midfielder i'd say with his stats.

13 Jan 2021 19:42:49
With his stats that is Frank Lampard esk, as off course are Johnson's.

13 Jan 2021 19:48:19
Johnson needs bringing back as well as does costa he's banged in 5 goals in 12 games.
We lack pce and goals.

13 Jan 2021 22:10:40
A lot of Lampards goals were penalties and free kicks. It is often overstated how many he scored from open play.

13 Jan 2021 23:30:32
Cant remember what its like to have a midfielder score from a free kick?

14 Jan 2021 00:35:48
It does not matter if you know nothing about the what happened if it goes into the net and counts.

To score from free kicks is a skill in it's self, it is a great way to win games where theh are tight because the other team are well organised, so do not knock it.

Do not knock scoring from penalties either, to get a penalty and to know you have someone that is that reliable tacking it gives both the fans and team confidence.

14 Jan 2021 13:48:12
We need Pscho back! He got a few of those.

14 Jan 2021 14:39:21
He learned from some of the best RedCyclist.

12 Jan 2021 21:23:12
Got to be a p*** take ain't it? Forest linked with kostas fourtunis😂 From olympiacos of course, when I saw the name I had to check it wasn't April 1st!

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12 Jan 2021 22:10:51
We've already signed some of his relatives fortunis waststeies. 🤔.

11 Jan 2021 10:09:23
Apparently Forest are in line for another Marinakis reject?
A Greek International who has fallen out with the Olympiacos coach who wants to send him here!
You couldn't make it up.
Just sums up the owner and his way of thinking.

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11 Jan 2021 11:29:57
Wont happen. Hughton will walk if crap forced upon him.

11 Jan 2021 17:31:38
Please force this on him then.

11 Jan 2021 20:11:28
Why Marinakis reject! from majority of readingds he seems like a good player that's just not getting on with his club manager? why so kwik to slag off, could be the player that makes the difference without spending a fortune, could be good business, let's see if it happens anyway?

12 Jan 2021 13:17:44
Houghton as already had crap thrust upon him lol.

12 Jan 2021 16:29:00
Every player from that part of the world, whether Olympiakos or Benfica a supposed to be world beaters but never are. They have the image built up to get rid, if they were world beaters they wouldn’t be letting them go.

12 Jan 2021 20:26:24
Hughton is a boring non entertaining manager that we don't want or need at NFFC.
Sooner he goes the better.
He don't need time cus time is up for his sort of management and tactics.
Just one big bore.

09 Jan 2021 01:35:23
Colby Bishop of Nottingham, once of Notts County's youth system and now scoring for fun for Accrington is being watched by Nottingham Forest.
He's 24 years old and his games to goal ratio is quiet good.

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09 Jan 2021 21:22:13
A late developer?
Been around the non league as have a few of accrington players.
But taken them to 5th in league one.
Worth a. punt in mormal circumstances but hughton is mr defensive so would ruin him.

08 Jan 2021 15:51:21
Anthony Knockaert is set to stay at Nottingham Forest for the whole season, according to John Percy of the Telegraph.

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08 Jan 2021 21:29:31
Ah well he can take hughton with him when he goes.

08 Jan 2021 21:50:27
I really think that's good news. He's a good player.

09 Jan 2021 21:22:52
Was a good player.

10 Jan 2021 13:46:41
I know we ain't exactly setting the world on fire with fantastic football but we've not lost in 6 so that something to be happy about, and to be honest you could Jose here it would be the same if the players can't be bothered and have no heart or the skill that on paper they should have then no matter who's behind em ya need to give chris chance it took a couple of seasons to get it right at Fulham.

04 Jan 2021 16:58:09
Adam Virgo is saying that Hughton will be interested in Duffy with no substance at all the only way I can see that gaining credibility is if Worrall leaves which I think depends on 3 factors

1 the fee will be upwards of £10m

2 What happens with Tarkowski if he stays will Worrall play as much

3 Will he jump ship when he is needed most by a club he obviously loves he might want to stay to fight relegation.

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08 Jan 2021 13:16:14
Don’t think Worrall will leave.

10 Jan 2021 15:43:23
I don't think he will leave unless they force him out. He is happy living the dream.

01 Jan 2021 21:58:06
Let's all get on the Marinakis out bandwagon, how many on here moaned about Ben Watson and Tiago Silva last season, mainly the top posters on here, They are basically all that's missing from the side that kept us in the top six most of last season apart from Matt Cash, we signed a IMO at the time a good replacement in Christie as cover who'd just won promotion, we signed Arter for CM another who had won promotion, we signed Colback DM from the prem, Knockerhart from the prem, Taylor top scorer at Charlton, McKenna scotland CB, Lamic Soh a 19 year old with huge potential for £3m, on paper we should have a squad to finish in the top six, who could have envisaged Samba Figueredo and Grabban between them would cost us a good 15 points through sloppy play and abysmal finishing, ok the players we've signed haven't worked but before a ball was kicked most of us thought they were all good signings and would see us near the top, so IMO Marinakis has backed the club but its the players who've let him and the fans down'.

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02 Jan 2021 07:56:01
Don't forget Freeman he is another that at the time we thought he would make a massive difference and that hasn't worked out either.

02 Jan 2021 08:05:50
I tottaly agree that th eowner has backed the club, the blmae muct be with the players who have not performed, let shope in this window some decent players can com ein, but i very doubt that considering the position in the league the club is in now.

02 Jan 2021 10:54:05
Skegby you make very good points and i tend to agree but that's one side of the arguement. Personally i always liked Watson. An yes we miss a Silva creatively but he was wasteful at set pieces and rarely scored. Set in is ways SL was a massive problem and the Dof. I think with experience has come age and attitude. I think hughton is the right man and yes marinakis has backed the club. But has he used HIS money or the sale of our youth players to fund the madness. Look where we are? Re the players really good enough?

02 Jan 2021 14:10:33
Recruitment people need sacking they’ve wasted too much money for far too long.

02 Jan 2021 17:41:39
On paper?
Thats the thing you have got right.
14 players coming in equals disruption and lack of unity.


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