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19 Aug 2018 16:26:55
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19 Aug 2018 11:26:09
Hopefully Sam Byram will be match ready for the next game and we can start playing a proper right back which will stop a lot of these defence splitting crosses coming in.

We need to work on defending and attacking set pieces and stop Pants getting blocked off as well as being more aggressive to high balls. I sense The Hef will be drafted in to sort this?


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19 Aug 2018 11:41:00
Yep we can moan and deliberate all we like but simple fact is left and right back aren't anywhere near good enough crosses are raining in darikwa completely sold himself for the second goal diving in teams know this and is destroying the back 4

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19 Aug 2018 11:47:30
Pantimolo was a wus missing the cross for their goal. Makes poor decisions. Byram robinson absolute must

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19 Aug 2018 13:21:10
Back four for me. Byram,Heff,Dawson,Robinson. The sooner,the better!

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19 Aug 2018 13:46:10
Dawson not good enough. Keep Fox or Figgy with the Heff.

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19 Aug 2018 14:12:43
Rutland none of our team are protecting pants Wigan players were over him for the goal and no way I would drop fox

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19 Aug 2018 14:31:01
So you would drop the person who’s in the best form for us in defence in fox? 👏👏👏

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19 Aug 2018 14:32:05
I'd go for Fox and hefele. Definitely put Byram and Robinson as full backs Dereck and Osborn are not quite good enough in those positions.

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18 Aug 2018 23:01:14
Matty cash must start every game he is brilliant bags of energy strength and pace he must be our most improved player in the last year he works so hard aswell he never stops running.

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19 Aug 2018 00:19:08
The first player i recall coming back from a lengthy injury who is better than before.

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19 Aug 2018 00:18:46
Why must he? Football is a 14 man game and if AK thinks he is better as an impact player at this stage in his development then so be it. So far he has never dominanted a game for 90 mins so maybe AK knows best?

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19 Aug 2018 09:32:49
Play the players who are in form. Cash and Soudani are in form.

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19 Aug 2018 11:30:29
Being Portuguese appears to equal being in form. Wake up Aitor , playing these guys over the likes of cash appears to be an egotistical move rather than one that is right for the club.

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19 Aug 2018 11:52:30
Never dominated 90 mins he scores first goal early on , makes the second in the dying minutes , always making runs throughout game . No way he's not an impact sub for me , just becoming an impact player 🤗

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17 Aug 2018 22:07:44
We should not be loaning brereton he should be our 3rd choice striker in front of Murphy. He should get plenty of game time coming off bench starting off games. The lads only going to get better. He's only 19 years old.
Playing in his favoured position with the better players we have this season will do him loads more good.
And his value will ticket in today's crazy market
Keep hold of him.

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18 Aug 2018 07:23:59
Brereton and Murphy are different strikers and fit different tactics.if you want to play away with a lone striker to win balls in the air Murphy is First choice and brereton third maybe 4th if you include Soudani.if you want a goal scorer and your going to play football and want to bring the midfielders into play Grabban is 1st choice and brereton is second.maybe even 3rd if ya want to put Soudani in not saying get rid but brereton and Murphy play different not saying get rid but he needs to wait and take his chance when it comes or decide to go out on loan until jan.
He played last season and he also went to an england tournament so maybe he’s being looked after properly rather than burning him out.the comp didn't finish till end of July.

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18 Aug 2018 09:03:24
It comes down to how badly the club need the money to balance the books. How do we know that Forests plan was always going to be offloading a youngster or two to balance the books after the summers spending. For me, 8m for Brereton presents good money. Whether he should be getting game time or not is another story but the fact is he isn't, AK sees him as 4th striker right now.

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18 Aug 2018 11:11:10
It's obviously not down to money as it's now a loan window?

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18 Aug 2018 11:35:04
Perks you literally sent that post ONE second too early!

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19 Aug 2018 09:35:17
I wouldn't be surprised to see BB go and another striker come in on loan.

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17 Aug 2018 20:01:53
Blackburn have upped their bid to £8million apparently.

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17 Aug 2018 20:07:26
They seem desperate to get him, the club should big him up more and more who knows how much they will go to.

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17 Aug 2018 20:16:25
I'd sell at 8 mill with a decent sell on clause bb ain't going to get much game time

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17 Aug 2018 20:28:07
Vulcan i do not understand your post, if Brereton is not going to get much game time a purely loan deal would be ideal for both Forest and Brereton. If you want a decent sell on clause that suggests you think he will be a quality player, so why sell.

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17 Aug 2018 20:45:50
We can't sell, only loan with a view to sell.
Loan him out to get game time but keep him for the future if we can afford to.
If we need to sell in January to raise funds then get the best deal we can with a sell on clause like Vulcan says

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17 Aug 2018 20:48:44
I personally wouldn't like to sell,but if the offer keeps increasing it would be hard to resist. Maybe Aitor should take a leaf out of Daragh MacAnthonys book.

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17 Aug 2018 21:02:48
I just don’t get the logic of some people?
Brereton is our lad, he cost us nowt, he was thrown in at the deep end last season and did a fantastic job. He’s still a teenager at the start of his career. We don’t need the money, we don’t need to sell and we’re not exactly flushed in the striker department. Grabban might hold the ball up well but from what I’ve seen so far, he lacks a bit of pace and I guess he was bought in to bag the goals, early doors still I know and I’m not knocking him. I like the look of Soudanni, he has the temperament to do well. Murphy is at the twilight end of his career and won’t be prolific. And that’s it, our 4 forwards. Which brings me back to young Ben. He has pace, he’s strong and has an eye for goal, look at how many he scored in the under 18/23 sides.?Scores for England and has the ability to run defenders ragged. No wonder Blackburn are offering millions. I say keep him and let him blossom.

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17 Aug 2018 21:04:20
Reddog68. I realise we can not sell, and only loans are possible, although it is possible to agree to make it permanent at the end of the loan spell for a agreed fee. I feel that only benefits Blackburn, like i said a purely loan deal would suit both us and Ben more. We are no longer a team that needs to sell, unless a player wants to leave off course.

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17 Aug 2018 21:28:55
Why would anyone want to strengthen a rival championship team for no financial reward (until January) If someone could please enlighten me.

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17 Aug 2018 23:05:29
I would say we all agree that we want to keep BB but are we sure we don't need to sell?
Both TAP and Stags say we don't need to sell and I really do hope you are right but we are a business and books need to be balanced?
Our club wants premiership football and sacrifices will be made to get there. Hang on and hopfully enjoy the ride

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19 Aug 2018 11:33:24
Why is he our lad? Is he not Mr and Mrs Brereton’s lad? Why do we talk about these players like we rescued them from cradle?

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16 Aug 2018 15:06:37
Unless we are bringing in another forward of prem quality. We should not be letting brereton even go out on loan.
He should be ahead of Murphy every week.
Murphy Is past it and we should be developing the likes of brereton and worrell not loaning or selling them.

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16 Aug 2018 17:29:56
I think they would both benefit from loans if they are getting game time but I wouldn't like to see them sold. Both could have big futures ahead of them. Lascelles was ripped apart on here and nobody was bothered when he went to Newcastle. Now he is on the fringe of the England squad and worth 30 mill.

Agree8 1Disagree

16 Aug 2018 18:16:41
Nobody was bothered when he went to Newcastle? Didn’t we get a pretty good deal and a loan back for the season? Nobody will moan when we do well out of a deal which to be fair at that time we really needed

Agree6 1Disagree

16 Aug 2018 18:59:17
I agree with everything you are saying 2tone. What I would say is that we are now in a better situation than back then. We are not under pressure to sell to make ends meet and that gives us more bargaining power.I personally wouldn't like to sell either player sold just yet. In an ideal world we should encourage them to develop as players and increase their potential selling price of that were to transpire.

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16 Aug 2018 19:53:49
Brereton is 19 and Worrall is 21 and they have played 53 and 65 senior matches each in struggling teams and are still learning their trade despite winning honours and trophies with England. They are our future as were Lascelles and Darlow who were sold in a fire sale.

Neither are going to be the stand out performers this season to get us our target of promotion but need to develop their game playing week in week out and would benefit from a loan deal. Under no circumstances should they be sold as they will be regulars next year in the Championship or given the chance if we go up where they will have more time to play and improve.

If you want an example of allowing a player to develop then it's Jack Grealish arguably the Championship's best young prospect. He is 22 but now has 137 senior games (100 in the Championship) under his belt, having had a loan season at Notts. Now worth £30m and would have been at Spurs if the builders had finished on time.

The smart business is to get them playing a full season on loan to develop them and their value then loan a Premiership striker to complete our Championship squad?

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16 Aug 2018 20:54:47
Cash in and get a striker that can actually score goals now. 20m for Brereton in 3 years time or 180m for getting promoted to the Prem come what may?

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17 Aug 2018 02:20:02
Cash in now?the window is closed !

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17 Aug 2018 20:21:17
I would loan him out get game time get used to scoring he didn't get many last season yes he played out of position a few times but look at grant 19 last season for Notts already scoring so do bb the world of good game

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15 Aug 2018 18:52:45
Cannot believe some of these fan polls wanting us to cash in on Brereton? Utter madnes the lad has not turned 20 yet and will mature into a top striker.

A short loan spell would give him a chance to get into some scoring form and experience but he can force his way intothe team this year.

Believable22 9Unbelievable

15 Aug 2018 20:01:14
We should definitely keep him I reckon.

No harm in him going on loan though providing we have a recall clause or just until January. If we get some injuries then he will be needed.

People forget how good he can be. Remember how he did against Arsenal. When his confidence returns he will be a great player and is going to improve for at least 8 years.

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15 Aug 2018 20:50:00
Not saying I don't agree but a lot of players never realise that potential as well, like Oliver Burke he can't buy a starting place now, so many young players are doing the business at his age for other teams time will tell I guess

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15 Aug 2018 21:12:29
burke played for wba last night and scored so that's his time up.

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15 Aug 2018 22:17:04
Nonsense red biker-it will be more like 8 years and 3 months 🤔

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16 Aug 2018 10:37:44
Chopsy, Burke didn't start versus us. He played with the 2nd string players in the league cup. Never got in at Red Bull Leipzig either. shouldn't have left.

If you can't see the potential in lad like Brereton then I am sorry you don't understand football. You only have to look at what he did last season at 18.

Send him on Loan for a season.

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16 Aug 2018 12:45:24
I would prefer to keep BB at the moment, and send him out on loan to ply his trade some more, as he won't - at the moment - get a game with us.

See how he some on in the next two years and if no decent improvement then we need to consider other options. Like another post, some go on to fulfill their potential, but sadly others don't. and we have seen that in the past.

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16 Aug 2018 16:07:01
I'd sell him and invest in someone with experience of the championship someone who can score 15 20 goals a season someone like grabban oh ok maybe not let's keep him then 😁

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17 Aug 2018 20:24:22
Everybody goes on what bbc did last season he played 50+ games 8 goals nobody mentions grant who I think would have been better with us this season send Bereton on loan so he can learn where the goal is

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17 Aug 2018 20:52:48
Is bbc licence fee going up?

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15 Aug 2018 18:44:46
Blackburn have come back for Brereton, wanting to take him on loan then permanently for £6m. Forest said to want £12m.

Believable2 1Unbelievable

15 Aug 2018 20:55:10
I wouldn't loan to a championship club. If they really wanted him they should have dug deep before the deadline.I would only sell to prem with 10 million plus.Whether you rate him or not fact remains he's an England under 20 striker which means silly money.

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16 Aug 2018 08:53:35
Venkys are all about the show. They knew that offer was not going to be enough.Token gesture to placate their supporters to show "ambition" .

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16 Aug 2018 12:47:12
Not sure £12m. bit steep, considering he isn't really proven that much. £9.5m and we must consider it, that's assuming we are interested in selling (not saying we are, of course!).

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16 Aug 2018 14:14:21
David Brooks Sheffield Utd to Bournemouth 11.5 million.Forest wanting the going rate.

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16 Aug 2018 16:08:14
Brooks different class to Brereton 6 million snap there hands off

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16 Aug 2018 17:38:44
Not according to reports.Forest want 12.

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14 Aug 2018 22:18:53
Can someone remind me are benfica wanting 20 mill for goncalves at the end of his loan?

Believable1 4Unbelievable

14 Aug 2018 23:53:25
none of the Portuguese lads have done anything yet to suggest they are worth millions, people keep suggesting that its the same as wolves but its not they signed neves who was captain of porto at 18, I hadn't heard of Carvalho or goncalves before, but there's still time just hope they come good, more frustrated in dias as I thought he'd start well.

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15 Aug 2018 08:46:49
Sincerely hope the 3 Portuguese don’t turn out like the 3 Italians platt bought in, cost the club a fortune and disappeared without trace

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15 Aug 2018 13:33:40
Can't believe how negative some people are here. Have you actually watched us play? Firstly,the Goncalves deal is £15m structured over 3 years if we want him permanently. He has looked off the pace but give him a chance! Took a while for even Ronaldo to settle but he turned out alright!
As for the other two, they were great against WBA, especially Dias. Their touch and work-rate were excellent and clearly they have quality we've been lacking. Just because they haven't scored yet no need to get on their backs after a couple of games!

Agree11 2Disagree

15 Aug 2018 13:41:23
I’m with nick on that one. Just because they don’t score or assist doesn’t mean they’re not good players. All of the Portuguese lads have very good work rates and you need that in this league so give them one to find their feet a bit more and the goals will come.
But until then at least get behind them and not slag them off

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15 Aug 2018 14:29:03
Forest nick yes mate been to every game and will be at wigan Saturday how about you ? And another thing I haven’t actually criticised them just asked about the how about getting down off your ‘loyal fan ‘ high horse?

Agree2 10Disagree

15 Aug 2018 22:25:56
Stevie, I heard 20 million mentioned and think we paid 13 million for carvalho. I’m impressed with their work rate to date. Lile I said before let’s wait until we get to the cold days / nights before we either rejoice or lament.

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15 Aug 2018 23:31:10
yes of course there's time and i'm sure all forest fans will give them the time, my point was I thought dias would hit the ground running as he did have a very good pre season but 60 mins against wba is not a great start, i see positives in this forest team and 1 is a battling never say die attitude that we didn't have last year.

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14 Aug 2018 22:05:50
Early signs not good this season. Can't score. Mid table at best I'm afraid. See you next year.

Believable4 17Unbelievable

14 Aug 2018 22:53:57
🤣👍 thanks for coming

Agree12 2Disagree

14 Aug 2018 23:54:55
id rather get the jittery performances out the way 1st up as the last 2 seasons we've started really well.

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15 Aug 2018 07:05:47
Blooming hell. .11 changes. Never played together before. Down to 10 men. Hey we won 👋

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15 Aug 2018 09:58:29
Spot on Red_Dog, apart from our normal early goal gift and Smith's red card, what else were the 10 men expected to do? Somehow we've snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat. Some of our fans need to lower their expectations and take a chill pill. 43 games to go and still in both cups. FTID.

Agree7 0Disagree

15 Aug 2018 10:28:34
I agree Scouse.It's the early stages of the league cup and lots of managers treat it with contempt. It's not for me to say whether that is right or wrong and I certainly will not be hyper analytical about last night's performance. The result went out way it really is that simple.

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15 Aug 2018 10:42:39
Our way!

Agree2 0Disagree

15 Aug 2018 10:56:26
Quick, Panic. Our B Team who had never played together before just got through to the second round of the League Cup! OMG! Quick, let's give up on the first team now even though we won with 10 men.

Really, get a grip mate. :)

Agree2 6Disagree

15 Aug 2018 13:26:47
Well said rc

Agree3 3Disagree

15 Aug 2018 13:50:28
You lot are like Corbyns momentum,the slightest hint of criticism and your on having a go .have a look at that ‘b’ team again and tell me how many championship clubs would like it,let alone bury,even before we went down to 10 there was very little happening, I think we will be ok , but you spend the money this blokes spent and pressure and expectation will naturally follow.And don’t think the owner won’t get twitchy if it doesn’t come together quickly either, the Devon lad was only having his say ,so why not just let him have it without taking the mick or trying to be clever?

Agree5 9Disagree

15 Aug 2018 14:00:53

Agree3 3Disagree

15 Aug 2018 15:30:10
To be clear, I completely disagree with the first sentance in this thread. The early signs are positive!

Agree5 3Disagree

15 Aug 2018 15:34:37
I'd also add that we are still in both cups, undefeated and in the play-off places. We have the strongest squad in ages and there are goals in this team. Great news!

Agree5 1Disagree

15 Aug 2018 16:04:21
We are not going to win against every team we are expected to beat but we will win more than we lose or draw and we will make progress.

Whether that progress is good enough for some remains to be seen but starting a "feeding frenzy" on the team, manager and individual players every time we concede a goal or miss a chance or lose a game is not going to get us to where we all want to be.

We are not going to be the best team in the league but we are going to be better than most. So sit back and enjoy the ride instead of undermining all the hard work and progress off the pitch by demanding/predicting change of personnel at every twist and turn!

May 2019 is the time to vent the spleen if the collective expectation is not met. Feeding a baying mob never got us anywhere?

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15 Aug 2018 16:47:37
I totally agree Redinexile.Knee-jerk reactions are very counterproductive and sometimes even dangerous! Just to remind those of you spouting negativity we've played four games in ten days with virtually a new squad!

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15 Aug 2018 16:48:13
How many times have we had an unbelievable start to the season and ended up nowhere? I remember Andy Reids last game for us, getting injured against Derby. Pretty sure we were top of the table before that game and some of us had already assumed we were going up - season then went downhill from there. Just because we start a certain way doesn't mean we play like that all season. Anyway, 4 games in a week and a half and unbeaten in 90 mins (just!), it's a long old season and we're only just getting started. And we look far more solid at the back than when relying on Matt Mills!

Agree1 0Disagree

15 Aug 2018 17:38:24
Woah there Stevie boy - calm down 😳 he was implying that he’d given up on the season already (see you next season) whichever way you look at it that isn’t coming from a fan whose anything but a knee jerker and look where that’s got us over the last few years. Surely we’ve got to give everyone more than 3-4 games to prove themselves??

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15 Aug 2018 18:07:58
2tone please point out anywhere in any of my above posts where I said anything overly critical of the team or manager but there seems a lynch mob mentality with some on here with any one who doesn’t agree with them, you can disagree without taking p***

Agree2 2Disagree

15 Aug 2018 18:12:12
3 league games and 1 cup match without defeat and the panic button hasn't just been pressed it's been smashed to bits. 13 new players in would take time for any manager to find his best 11 especially when you throw into the mix the 20 or so players that were already at the club with a big percentage of that 20 all vying for a first team place. Give the team chance to get to know each other. Unfortunately they won't gel as quick as Figgy and Foxy did.

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15 Aug 2018 18:12:40
Spot on 2tone!

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15 Aug 2018 18:27:35
Stevie I wasn’t talking about any of your posts relating directly to the team - I was talking about you appearing to back someone who is prepared to throw the towel in after less than 6 games - sorry but as far as I’m concerned that wouldn’t come from a supporter. Disagree with team selection,tactics etc and offer alternatives but to just throw the towel in??? Not my idea of support

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15 Aug 2018 18:33:23
Taking the pi** on this site is legit buddy. Your comments were about as knee jerk as they get so expect more of it if you keep having a fit whenever someone takes the Mickey.

Agree1 0Disagree

15 Aug 2018 20:00:56
Red cyclist well I won’t sleep tonight worrying about that,my life doesn’t revolve on how many thumbs up or down I get on here unlike some it seems, enjoy being leader of the happy clappers must make you feel really important, don’t waste your time trying to wind me up ,

Agree1 1Disagree

15 Aug 2018 22:19:45
Yeah Pack it in red biker,there’s no way you’ll wind up Stevie 😳

Agree1 0Disagree

15 Aug 2018 22:58:04
Don’t you start 😊

Agree0 1Disagree

16 Aug 2018 11:35:14
Yep 2tone, I'll try my hardest to continue failing to wind Stevie up. :)

Agree0 0Disagree

16 Aug 2018 13:12:44
Red cyclist fire away mate am chilled relaxed and looking forward to a good day of cheap beer in and around Wigan , nothing in the world you could say could wind me up ,could it??🤬

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13 Aug 2018 15:05:28
I'd change majority of players tomorrow
But I'd still play grabbon upfront with brereton he needs to get off mark for confidence
Don't know why some are slating him.
He's scored goals wherever he's played.
But being a loan striker is hard for any forward. Only forward that springs to mind could do it was collymore. But he had everything.
Karanka needs to experiment with 2 upfront
Maybe 3 at back 5 across middle.

Believable4 1Unbelievable

13 Aug 2018 16:09:11
Grabban isn't on loan

Agree6 6Disagree

13 Aug 2018 16:19:34
Lone lol

Agree4 0Disagree

13 Aug 2018 16:49:00
Every time Grabban fails to score I blame Murphy. :)

Agree1 1Disagree

13 Aug 2018 17:38:38
If he was to play 2 upfront it would be grabbon and soudini

Agree1 0Disagree

13 Aug 2018 19:52:04
I'd drop grabban and play soudani

Agree2 1Disagree

13 Aug 2018 20:00:00
XI for Bury.


Agree4 6Disagree

14 Aug 2018 00:32:34
Hefela will start

Agree2 1Disagree

14 Aug 2018 01:59:31
I would play soudani behind grabban and leave carvalho out and play cash and goncalves and maybe watson and Yates in the middle of the park. Think geddy and colback need a well earned rest

Agree2 0Disagree

14 Aug 2018 10:36:46
The boss has said he wants to give every player a game so he won't play Grabban who has games under his belt.

I think if Dawson isn't going to start Saturday the might play three at the back to give all three centre backs a run out. If they don't play three at the back then he will play everyone who has not had a start.

Byram, Hefela, Worrall, Robinson
Bridcutt, Yates
Soudani, Concalves, Appiah/Cash?

You can mix and match the front four/5

Agree2 2Disagree

14 Aug 2018 11:30:52
I think grabban will get some time tonight good chance of him getting a goal to kick start him off

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