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31 Jan 2019 11:05:51
Wilfried Kanon a central defender from Den Haag. Why is it every transfer window we're linked with the world!


1.) 31 Jan 2019 16:00:42
If his names anything to go by,he should have balls of steel.😃😃😃



31 Jan 2019 10:27:17
Being reported Ben Osborne to Stoke for 3m. I personally don't want to see him go.


1.) 31 Jan 2019 10:34:44
Possibly part of a deal to get James Mclean as him coming to us has reared it's ugly head again. Personally i definitely don't want to see him in Garabaldi!

2.) 31 Jan 2019 11:16:04
3m plus Mclean for Osbourn isn’t a bad deal. I like McLean though also like Osbourn but can see why this could be good deal for all parties.

3.) 31 Jan 2019 11:54:35
Im with you on that one Jac.

4.) 31 Jan 2019 12:37:33
Hearing Forest want to keep Osbourn so we are holding out for crazy money. see if Stoke bite or move on

5.) 31 Jan 2019 15:55:24
We need to sort out all this poppycock to get this deal over the line!😊

6.) 31 Jan 2019 17:00:15
Don't start all that again Rie!

7.) 31 Jan 2019 23:37:39
He's popping round later to say hello to Martin and Roy 😂



03 Jul 2018 12:02:53
Pantillimon confirmed on web site.
We need to play to his strengths. He has good vision and thinking. Many times last season as soon as he got the ball he was on the edge of his box looking for distribution why most players were just walking up the pitch.


1.) 03 Jul 2018 15:53:20
He is what we need.



06 Jun 2018 16:32:53
On the Portugese website Ojogo. 'It's all agreed, Nottingham Forest signing €15m midfielder João Carvalho and winger arriving on loan'.


1.) 06 Jun 2018 17:51:09
It's 2 flipping forwards we need more than owt.
I would not be paying 13 m for. 21 year old who still wasn't a regular first team player for benfica.
It's ridiculous ffs
Sooner invest that money on players who have done it in championship. But I suppose karanka knows what these benfica lads are like fingers crossed.
But we should be prioritising 2 quality forwards I'd like us to play 352 this season
Worrell Dawson fig
Maddison Watson Clayton lolley
Marriott. Defoe.
If we signed above new players.

2.) 06 Jun 2018 18:11:02
Nervous as well when we could of spent the same on afobe but if he sets the championship alight we will say it's the best signing ever oh us fickle football fans lol

3.) 06 Jun 2018 18:20:37
Pearce is God, who is to say we are not in the process of bringing 2 strikers in?
AK will have an idea of who or what he wants and a kitty so it doesn't matter what order they are signed in.
What I have read about Carvalho I think he will be a great signing

4.) 06 Jun 2018 18:38:04
Where are the doubters talking about it's just people trying to sell newspapers? Whether you agree or not, Jorge Mendes is on side and there will be more to come from the continent. Probably mostly loans but good talent who can get us out of this league. Back that up with the experience from the football league that AK is also trying to bring in, we should be up there. Really funny fans who get frustrated at how poor the team is, but then when we spend a buck to get in the quality,, they're not happy with that either

5.) 06 Jun 2018 18:41:16
I have said before that is massive amount for a Midfielder compared to what we spent before for a striker but if his signing and the figure are true then good luck to to him.

6.) 06 Jun 2018 19:27:39
GazzaRed, every fan gets frustrated with a losing side but after going through a embargo, nearly getting relegated as a result and Mr Randall to say Forest were not fit for purpose if you are not a little concerned about paying a figure that could by two or three decent players on a Midfielder then i would suggest that you are more bothered about boasting to rival fans how much the club is spending than the possibility of the club being heavily in debt and back in a embargo. Do you think we all should be nodding dogs with every decision, the club,and manager makes.

7.) 06 Jun 2018 19:31:49
No, but at least give them a bloody chance before wading in with the negativity

8.) 06 Jun 2018 19:36:26
Maybe I'm nieve but I don't want to watch another season of dross. You have to trust the owner knows what he's doing, I certainly do. Mckay to olympiacos, do you think that deal would be happening if he didn't know how to play the game?

9.) 06 Jun 2018 20:09:25
There is no deal until he's seen signing and wearing a forest shirt? until that happens it's speculation as far as I'm concerned.

10.) 06 Jun 2018 20:12:14
RAP, can you explain how to say it is a lot of money to spend on a midfielder is negativity, did i say he is rubbish, had no Championship experience, would not cope with the physical game, no. Just it is a lot of money.

11.) 06 Jun 2018 20:19:06
i agree GazzaRed. i'd like to see what fee he decides to transfer from olympiacos to us seems as though its he can transfer money ftom their club to ours through this transfer

12.) 06 Jun 2018 20:32:08
We will sell two of Worrall, Brereton and Osborn to fund this. We will get a combined 3 million for vellios, Cummings and Mckay.

13.) 06 Jun 2018 20:54:25
Interesting isn't it.

A clear change of transfer policy, all thought up last year when Mario created a £38 million surplus in the accounts for FFP.

So, let's say Forest do spend close to the £50 million touted last week on some social media platforms.
What is the best way to spend that?

1, spend on nearly men or aging prem losers on £40k a week or spend on highly promising young players on lower wages but who have massive potential.

The latter is the best option for the club financially believe it or not. This is because the young players values are almost certain to remain stable unless they have a total nightmare.

In reality, all you are doing as a club is investing in high priced salable assets.
Notice the wording here . Investing, not spending!

So what if Mario spends £50 million on 6 young kids of the highest quality. it's his money to spend as he sees fit.
If the project failed then the kids would be sold, maybe even at a profit, and life would carry on but the wage bill for the season may even be lower than it would be if the club had taken option 1 above.

Do we really want a club full overpriced has-beens who you cannot get off the wage bill, or a bunch of highly motivated , energetic , young kids who may well have to move on if you fail but wouldn't be hard to move on.

Any losses on these young players would maybe be a few million.
Look at O Burke's price and how that has remained stable.

Let's say you sign a world beating kid and he doesn't really do much.
You might lose a couple of mill but what have you gained?
Well, you've effectively paid a couple of million to loan him for the duration of his stay plus his lower wages. You might also get a sell on fee later down the line.

Seems to work for red bull.

Spending 50 mill sounds very scary to us because of our recent FFP issues, but it actually makes really good sense.

Benfica seem to be willing to let Goncalves go and don't mind us paying what looks an inflated price for Joao Carvalho to get both deals over the line.

The Goncalves deal is a loan with an option to buy, again at a high final price, but that could well see you in the prem with two £20 million players on your hands and an initial layout of £13 mill plus wages and loan fee for Goncalves.

They look the Bo770cks anyhow and the owners paying so I'm not worried. Mario clearly knows how to run a club and I bet it nearly killed him waiting 5 years to take it off of the former idiot and chief money waster.

14.) 06 Jun 2018 21:59:01
If we buy Carvahlo no point buying Tomlin.

15.) 06 Jun 2018 23:24:42
Same here Gazza, Ill put my trust in experienced football people behind the scenes and if they think we can splash some cash that's good enough for me.

16.) 07 Jun 2018 07:26:07
No22, very good post mate, I must say I didn’t spot what the ‘paper profits’ was paving the way for.

17.) 07 Jun 2018 08:58:21
We are short of creative players, so bsered why not bring in another.

18.) 07 Jun 2018 10:39:40
Couldn't of put it better myself waac this is typical of some forest fans they start off yes we need to build 10 weeks later come on we need to spend big to challenge .same old same old I think the 2 Portuguese lads look like they could be great signings but still a little risk there but I'm afraid today's game is mostly about the money and sometimes a gamble I'm guessing with them being young there wage bill won't be as high as say paying 13 million for someone like afobe it's a exciting time for forest fans that deserve some excitement after years of crap but also a bit nervy fingers crossed

19.) 07 Jun 2018 10:40:31
Pearce, How do you know strikers are not on their way? You don't.
I'm certain Krankie and marinakis know what they are doing.
So instead of slating signings stop moaning and relish that forest are in a position to spend and are showing signs of ambition.

20.) 07 Jun 2018 10:41:27
WAAC your name should be win at low cost

21.) 07 Jun 2018 10:43:56
Well said 22.👍

22.) 08 Jun 2018 11:38:30
The two Portuguese lads look real quality. Goncalves has the nick name ‘New Figo’ and both are attacking creative players. If we can get them and Marriott across the line in the next week then I would be happy if we sign a Leftback, a Keeper and one more striker.



01 Feb 2018 10:37:56
Traore has gone, Cardiff City! Contract terminated.


1.) 01 Feb 2018 10:51:13
What source?

2.) 01 Feb 2018 12:23:01
Best day ever.




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05 Oct 2020 13:41:49
Olympiacoshave had a bit accepted by WBA for Kamil Grosicki a 32 year old forward who is being loaned straight to us. Do we really need another old knacker!


1.) 05 Oct 2020 14:05:41
In my opinion grosicki still has a lot to offer as he's still a pole international think he will add quality to our wing and attack.

2.) 05 Oct 2020 14:07:43
It is only a loan, if he works out Forest will buy him, if he does not work out Oylmpicas get him. Win, win.

3.) 05 Oct 2020 19:14:44
Just read that it’s not happening now but we have till the 18 to close the deal.



01 Feb 2019 09:53:02
Molla Wague just confirmed on website.




15 Jan 2019 11:14:40
Just been confirmed on official site, no mention of Keane though, YET!


1.) 15 Jan 2019 11:55:18
Right then. After the initial meet and greet with the players, and when I say players, I mean every player from every level at the club, Martin needs to hire out a cinema with a huge screen, sit every player down in front of it,press play to bring up 'I Believe In Miracles' have the sound pumping. Afterwards, bring up the lights, simply say "that's how we play football, now bugger off home and I'll see you tomorrow" Job done 😉

2.) 15 Jan 2019 12:01:04
I like Roystone!

3.) 15 Jan 2019 12:40:01
Roystone. Awesome 👍

4.) 15 Jan 2019 13:04:32
It's aswell he didn't play my DVD. as it sticks!!! ☹️☹️☹️

5.) 15 Jan 2019 15:45:55
I used to have a magazine that did the same!

6.) 15 Jan 2019 16:13:50
Sounds like a sticky tale Sgetty 🤣🤣🤣🤣



11 Jan 2019 10:02:08
So, how long before Marinakis has had enough and puts us up for sale?




10 Jan 2019 14:47:21
Leonardo Jardim has turned down an offer from Lyon to be their next manager, could he be on standby for us? He has links with Marinakis as he was the Olympiakos manager prior to going to Monaco.





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20 Jul 2022 09:00:45
Lingard could be a good bit of business. On a free and even if we pay his demand of 180k per week that's just over 17 mil for 2 years.




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04 Aug 2020 09:40:45
I think i'd rather have Chris Martin from Coldplay up front rather than that old fat s**t.




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16 Jul 2019 12:42:23
What a snip at 750k.




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12 Jul 2019 12:05:09
My thoughts exactly Red James! I think he's referring to the Algerian guy, can't remember his name but he's number 18 and played last night against the Ivory Coast.




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11 Jul 2019 13:33:56
I'll second that, rather see Watson go. Can't understand Steele, would prefer him as No 2 over Smith.





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20 Jul 2022 09:23:51
And if for some reason our stay in the PL was a short one we could sell Lingard to Olympiakos for 20 Mil :-)




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20 Jul 2022 09:03:47
Totally agree about Lingard, free agent so just over 17 mil for 2 years (that's if we match his demand of 180k per week) Proven at this level and who's to say MGW could just be a red herring in the PL.




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31 Jan 2020 10:59:33
I'd bite there hand off, a solid player with a good workrate.




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13 Jun 2018 11:48:56
Darikwa in poor, get rid. How he rates him over Lichaj i'll never know.




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25 Jan 2019 08:34:20
Well siad ff. Yates being young enough perhaps MoN could re-mould him into anther position which suits us better in a more attacking role? Remember that striker that Mr Clough signed for us, one of the best centre halfs to wear the garabaldi!