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08 Aug 2019 01:53:16
Think there will be a lot of business involving forest tomorrow, mostly outgoings but think we will still sign 3 more players.


1.) 08 Aug 2019 08:46:51
To be exact 3more midfielders.

2.) 08 Aug 2019 09:33:12
Lol wouldn’t surprise me.



14 Apr 2019 09:36:17
I've just read on Facebook that PSG owners want to buy an English championship team either us, qpr or Villa.


1.) 14 Apr 2019 12:59:32
Our owner will not sell after setting up the improvements to the ground, as the ground does not belong to the club PSG will not be interested.

2.) 14 Apr 2019 13:29:30
I don’t believe it but would be interesting tho

3.) 14 Apr 2019 13:52:00
The stadium belongs to the club but the land it's built upon doesn't, LC.

4.) 14 Apr 2019 14:25:52
76, thank you for that.

5.) 14 Apr 2019 17:34:38
If anyone comes up with the right money, would the council sell? Or is it one of those ancient by-laws that forbids a sale? Genuine interest, although I don't have the funds.😁

6.) 14 Apr 2019 18:13:34
SDR, I doubt the council will sell, just think how much money they could make building and selling waterfront housing.

7.) 15 Apr 2019 14:42:58
The land ownership is irrelevant to the sale of the club as the owner will have renegotiated an extended term to the long ground lease in order to fund the stadium upgrade as the banks will require security and a charge on the building assets.



06 Jan 2019 00:46:07
just watched the highlights of todays game and the 1st thing is was the game really all Chelsea? 6 mins of highlights and we never had the ball once, think the stats say we had 2 shots on target, is that the bbc being biased towards top teams or were we that bad? another thing we only made 1 sub which is strange as even the comms said we looked tired, can't fault losing 2-0 to Chelsea but they didn't look that good and their 2nd you can tell yacob is not a centre back.


1.) 06 Jan 2019 01:18:16
Lets be honest fox is not a centreback either. But he is a trier. We were caught ball watching from what i could see of the highlights.

2.) 06 Jan 2019 05:16:41
Yes we were totally outclassed and saw very little of the ball. My biggest disappointment was we just seemed to go there hoping to keep the score down? No real hope of winning or even attacking. We might as well have given Appiah, Yates etc debuts and let them get some experience. To me it shows the huge gulf which is obviously there. 8 changes for Chelsea vs virtually the team that played against Leeds.

3.) 06 Jan 2019 06:26:17
It was disappointing to me to see us not give them a proper game, it was a free game for us didn’t matter if we lost 5-0 if we don’t play well against reading a karanka turns round an says we look tired I won’t be happy, good chance yesterday to see what Appiah could do an Yates an play the young swedish centre back surely he’s got to of been better in that position than Yacob?

4.) 06 Jan 2019 10:07:56
The highlights were misleading. We did have a few chances and give them a game. The BBC just concentrated on one or two Chelsea players.

But there is a gulf. Their wage bill is at least ten times ours. If there was no gulf it would be ludicrously bad management from Chelsea.

5.) 06 Jan 2019 10:33:41
Agree with Arran and Nick about a missed opportunity to give the young players some game time. Very surprised they didn't even get off the bench. Against Burton Appiah came on and scored!
It's clear Karanka would rather play players out of position than field younger ones. He brought in 24 new faces in 2018! How many of those have been a successs? Surely we should only buy to actually strengthen our squad and always keep the door open to players coming through the ranks.

6.) 06 Jan 2019 12:55:50
Was Chelsea away the right game to give them a debuts, would of been a massive ask it could really effect there confidence if they got a massive loss against top class players like Chelsea shouldn't they be bought in carefully not thrown straight in the lions mouth, cup games against league 1 opponents is more the opportunity surely or the last 20 minutes against lower teams if were 2 or 3 nil up

7.) 06 Jan 2019 13:23:18
i Agree red - a huge defeat could have really knocked confidence and it would have been a gamble,we don’t know the young players personalities so will just have to hope the club made the right choice not to throw them in. It’s a challenge for any club to play youngsters not just us

8.) 06 Jan 2019 14:16:24
Brereton is an example of what can happen regarding too much too soon.

9.) 06 Jan 2019 16:00:06
Why would it of knocked their confidence we didn’t expect to win yesterday surely losing to burton knocked more of the confidence for the players, an yesterday not really giving chelsea a game as that knocked the confidence? The only reason u know these kids are good enough is by playing them, if your good enough age doesn’t matter but clearly our manager doesn’t trust youngsters an would rather have senior players out of position, just like his mentor mourinho.

10.) 06 Jan 2019 17:42:25
Arran-the guys who see them everyday don’t think they are ready yet, it’s as simple as that. And regarding confidence they would be miles better off with 20 minutes against a Low championship club rather than a team like Chelsea who have the potential to make fantastic players look poor let alone our youngsters.

11.) 06 Jan 2019 18:08:15
Take the point that a huge defeat may knock the confidence of young players. Who knows though maybe young legs and youthful energy could have had a positive impact, at least for the last 20 minutes or so?
And does anyone really believe their confidence is helped when they see the door to the first team virtually closed off to them by the recruitment of a crazy number of players, many of whom are of less ability. I know it's all a matter of balance etc. .just saying I personally am not convinced the balance is right.

12.) 08 Jan 2019 00:53:41
yeah with 20 mins to go what they got to lose, Chelsea players wouldn't of been ready for appiah Saturday that's the way we should of looked at it, young players are never ready its like taking your driving test the real test is getting out there on your own, so only 1 way to find out if these lads are ready is to play them, remember jenas making his debut in the cup he wasn't ready for that game but certainly the next few years lol.



08 Dec 2018 02:06:49
should be a good game today, preston like to attack so hopefully will suit us, hopefully we don't miss all the cbs that are out and now wba an villa drew thanks to another handball just like us we can go 4th with a win maybe 3rd if boro drop pts.


1.) 08 Dec 2018 09:50:25
Need to break the Preston hoodo today. I've a fancy for a draw today but hope its 3 points. More confident about winning at Direby!

2.) 08 Dec 2018 10:53:43
Hope I am wrong but have a bad feeling about today. Theory is back on track next week!!!

3.) 08 Dec 2018 11:18:59
I am slightly concerned about the back four but going forward we are really clicking. If Preston score ,we'll score more. Simples!

4.) 08 Dec 2018 12:34:02
Your wrong,we'll win,we're on a roll now😀🍻🍻🍻

5.) 08 Dec 2018 12:51:17
I prefer a oven bottom bap to a roll😊

6.) 08 Dec 2018 12:54:30
Hope we wallop them!!!

7.) 08 Dec 2018 13:07:22
LC. It's called a COB. .Not a bap.

8.) 08 Dec 2018 13:44:14
Gazzibaldi, Although i was born in Nottingham my dad is a northener and that is what he always called them.

9.) 08 Dec 2018 14:26:45
I got a slap asking the lady in the bakers if she could show me her baps? Got another one for correcting myself and asking why she had a cob on? Then asked for a morning roll and her hubby got really angry so bang went my chance of a really good muffin and I had to scuffler out the shop because it was all getting very barmy. Went home without my tea cake shouting oggie oggie, more more more!
The End!😊

10.) 08 Dec 2018 14:53:21
RIE, Good Post 📯

11.) 09 Dec 2018 12:32:08
Rogie it's all blaa,blaa,blaa where Murphy's concerned.



25 Oct 2018 00:06:54
was i the only 1 who didn't see a change in us tonight? the only difference for me was we were playing against an awful team in Bolton, for me we were still shaky in possession at the back, how many times did dawson have to say calm down?

don't think we are clinical enough, we were all over them 1st 20 mins but only scored once, i'm happy that we won as u can only beat who u play but didn't see any change, maybe i'm wrong?


1.) 25 Oct 2018 00:38:13
Arran quite a few positives. Dawson, lolley, grabban, robinson, colback gedy, cash all looked commanding. Pants is a problem end of and dias us simply woeful. Carvallaho buzy but is he the real deal? Bolton were poor but overall we looked a lot sharper with positive intent. A crucial win and performance. Would like janko at rb snd hopefully fox to partner dawson. Cash must start ahead if dias. .

2.) 25 Oct 2018 02:21:14
was better than Saturday but I just feel it was the shocking performance of Bolton that made us look that little bit better, they didn't trouble pants once, think he had to come collect 1 cross all game, yes dawson and especially lolley were good, think the performance against sheff utd will tell us if the players/management are doing better.

3.) 25 Oct 2018 12:42:00
To be honest arran I'm just glad we scored three and conceded none. On to the next one.




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31 Aug 2019 16:56:01
Didn't sound like we played well but we would of lost that last season.




24 Aug 2019 17:53:38
To all the posts that are saying to them that doubted Grabban etc etc are they not also the ones that slated Watson as well I think everyone as including myself, my point is we are all forest fans and entitled to our opinions no matter if u agree or not, enjoy this fantastic win as a collective group of fans 😁👍🏻 An again what an effort by the players and management staff to beat Fulham away coyr an let's have another for Tuesday.


1.) 24 Aug 2019 18:08:10
Said the same last week pal. Ate my pie regarding Worrall. It was very enjoyable!

2.) 24 Aug 2019 18:16:59
Totally agree mate!

3.) 24 Aug 2019 18:20:36
I'm happy to be proved wrong every week if forest play like that I'm old enough and big enough to take it on the chin unlike a lot of girls on here trentender mom lol 😂😂😁🍻🍻.

4.) 24 Aug 2019 18:33:18
Skegg, we can all wait suited and booted for a performance that backs up a previously posted opinion can’t we? Like yourself I’d much sooner wolf down the piece of humble pie.

5.) 24 Aug 2019 21:03:58
To be honest you guys should be used to eating humble pie by now. It happens almost every week 🤓.

6.) 24 Aug 2019 21:53:17
Oh yes I forgot about the schoolboy redtree ain't you supposed to be in bed and not talking to strangers 🙄😁.

7.) 24 Aug 2019 22:30:30
Haha skegsyboy you do make me laugh 😁👍🏻.

8.) 24 Aug 2019 22:58:47
We all have to laugh redtree it would be a sad world if we didn't no offence mate just banter were all forest fans and maybe one day we will all agree and if not it doesn't matter we are all forest fans and want the best for our team it's that simple.

9.) 25 Aug 2019 00:08:59
I know Skegs I don’t get offended it’s all a good laugh. We all want forest to win. 👍🏻.



24 Aug 2019 17:02:26
Wow what a result today, well played lads 😁😱 I thought we'd get battered today but as always being a forest fan I had that little bit of hope lol we can all enjoy them pints a lot better now 😆.




22 Aug 2019 16:15:07
Given that forest are on sky a lot of the time along with Leeds an derby given the big fan bases etc etc we only got a brief mention on the highlight show - just shown the goals, they really don't like forest do they ( prutton that is lol ) a lot of media were saying that the Ameobi challenge on the charlton player was a red I don't agree thought it was a yellow at the most I don't think he made contact with the foot that went over the ball it was his back legs after the challenge on the other hand the decision not to award a pen an red card for the challenge on Ameobi is awful not even given as a foul would love to hear what the ref thought.


1.) 22 Aug 2019 19:27:32
You need to watch the foul again. the defenders foot that he was tackling with was half way up between ameobi’s his ankle and knee. someone posted a close up on twitter and it’s clear as day that it was a red.
Check out @Nottinghamfrbe on twitter he’s slown it down and zoomed in your mind will change, the ball did bobble and the defender did touch the ball but it was reckless.

2.) 22 Aug 2019 20:59:38
Are u talking about the Ameobi tackle or the one on him?



22 Aug 2019 13:02:30
RIP junior agogo very sad only 40 years old.


1.) 22 Aug 2019 13:30:08
He always gave his best. R. I. P.

2.) 22 Aug 2019 13:38:54
RIP Junior.

3.) 22 Aug 2019 13:51:19
A very sad loss rip.

4.) 22 Aug 2019 14:32:38
For all the passion, love, heartache and commitment people put into football when such a tragedy like this happens it pails to insignificance and makes you realise football is just a game. R. I. P Junior all our thoughts and prayers are with your friends and family.

5.) 22 Aug 2019 14:36:22
Well said guys.

6.) 22 Aug 2019 18:25:45
Very true clough.




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10 Aug 2019 05:19:31
Anyone think we could get Daniel sturridge to come to us? Rooney at derby so there’s a chance.




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08 Aug 2019 09:33:12
Lol wouldn’t surprise me.




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08 Aug 2019 00:41:12
I really don’t know why we don’t get Olympiakos to sign someone proper class striker for 15m plus then loan him to us as the owner really wants the prem money, or we takes Olympiakos best striker an give them Murphy lol.




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31 Jul 2019 23:32:37
Does it matter who it who’s signing the players? To me what matters is wether our 11 beats the oppositions 11 on a game day we could put out our reserve team with no experience an I’d still cheer for them because they wearing that little white tree on their shirt, I will judge them when they’ve played some games 👍🏻😊 coyr can’t wait to kick off the season.




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31 Jul 2019 21:33:03
If the manager thinks that’s what type of player we need then so be it, if the team plays together as a team we won’t be getting that many reds at all.





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16 Sep 2019 17:31:12
Think hindsight is w wonderful thing cus if we were bottom now people would be saying should of stuck with oneil, I for 1 will never speak bad about a legend n will always welcome them back as they deserve it for what they’ve given our great club over the years, I will say we did a more modern manager but that’s not O’Neil’s fault, it’s very nice being a red dog again n long may it continue, are we all going to make some noise on the 15th min on Saturday for Cloughie?




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16 Sep 2019 17:26:20
Not after the 1st 2 n half games as since then he’s been amazing think he’s been told by the manager he’s got to do the dirty work, I’m more worried that he’s our only forward.




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15 Sep 2019 09:32:18
Is there anything to celebrate it during the Barnsley game?




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06 Sep 2019 08:50:31
The efl are unfit to run anything that’s why.




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01 Sep 2019 21:00:08
Game went a long time ago, the rich clubs will only get richer an that will force smaller clubs to over spend to compete aka Bury/ Bolton, look at all the clubs that had to sell the grounds to keep within ffp.