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22 Apr 2019 17:49:49
Well done forest boys fantastic display who would have guessed that coming our way. I've not been Carvalhio's best supporter but fair play that was a well deserved man of the match display and thoroughly deserved his standing ovation.

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22 Apr 2019 19:23:12
Maybe Carvalho listened to MoN!! He was I agree exceptional and not like I ever seen him play all season. In part it was Osborn, Lolley Grabban who knew what pass he was going to make. I cannot remember the last time I saw such individual skills at the City Ground ! If that shot had gone in instead of hitting the post ? Also a complete display of a team player who was not after personal glory. To say we should build our team around him so they anticipate the killer pass which is his skill. I feel more optimistic about the next season but as they say one swallow doesn’t make a summer

22 Apr 2019 17:17:27
well i, ll go to the foot of our stairs.

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22 Apr 2019 17:27:14
Yes we played really well. just really,really frustrating to read all these comments on how well we played.
As I said too little too late.
And we done The Sheep a massive favour.
Think what could have been.
Gutting to be honest.

22 Apr 2019 17:58:18
Agree Rogie, there was a team there waiting to be played. Villa fan told me after the 5-5, we were the bed side he'd seen at Villa Park. Oh what might have been.😐

22 Apr 2019 18:12:27
All the promise at the start of the season , hopefully will finish just above half way up the table . Think just about right , could have been higher but we have to accept it . What will the club announce tonight , we can all guess . Trouble with sites is that anybody like me can write whatever they like (free speech) with no consideration . Hurtful sometimes .

22 Apr 2019 17:14:17
Great result today, wish I could of been there, it was only this morning half of you wrote off this team, and the amount of stick Carvalho has received you should hang your heads.
Hopefully MON and Roy can also learn from this. It's just a shame that Derby now sit in the final spot.

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22 Apr 2019 18:06:39
It's one game demis we've seen it all season with him if he gets consistent with it then he will be a better player but no where near worth 12 million at this time

22 Apr 2019 18:26:21
The first half of the season he set most of Grabban’s goals and hasn’t really played in the last sixteen matches, the problem is the formation it’s been been woeful and hopefully now MON realises, even Aitor didn’t get the best out of him.

There is know one in this squad who can do what he can do. And if you can’t see that I suggest you go to spec savers 👓 But I sure you know where the bar is 🍺🍺

22 Apr 2019 18:29:50
No skeggsthree assists and a wonder shot that hit the post.the guy has got it's some of the players around that don't pick up on it.
Three at the back was the answer creating space for him and lolley,
Cash and Osborn moving forward at pace,it just worked.
Pulis will lose his job first

22 Apr 2019 18:44:44
I'm not saying he didn't play well 79 I'm saying we've seen it all season with him very inconsistent and demis lol your not even worth my text to reply to you 😁

22 Apr 2019 19:00:19
Hes 21 mate and hadn't played for benfica first team,it was always a tall order to ask him to play consistently in his first season as at a too level.
Too much placed in young shoulders,he is quality not seen a player have three assists and hit the post for a very long time.
Build around him and cash and lolley ,they are the future,not your colback's and the test of em

22 Apr 2019 19:25:10
Agreed Ff.

22 Apr 2019 17:01:40
I'm so pleased with the result, and for Carvalho, i also hope Martin and Roy have learned some valuable lessons from todays game.

I have just wanted the team to play entertaining football and then for progress to be made with each game.

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22 Apr 2019 17:05:37
Just wait till the next game if he as a bad one it will be back to what a waste of money and all the other crap

22 Apr 2019 17:30:21
He obviously enjoys the sun on his back. Unplayable today, linked well with Benny too. Solid 7 out of 10 for the team. Special mention for the back 3, who didn't give an inch.👏

22 Apr 2019 17:32:28
Dan, I have always said Carvalho has talent but he has to learn to be able to cope with the physical side of the game.

You have to be honest over the course of the season he has not proven to be worth what we paid for him.

Anyone that kids themselves Carvalho did not want to be valued at that price i say this, the moment Carvalho signed the contract with the £13m clause in it, he was accepting that figure, therefore valued himself as such.

22 Apr 2019 18:00:36
Wow, what a daft post. What was he meant to do? Refuse to sign? He's a Mendes player, does as he's told. The fee? Nothing to do with Carvalho.

22 Apr 2019 18:05:09
SCR, I was not aware there is only one team in his country, he could have asked for the fee to be lowered.

22 Apr 2019 19:07:31
Why would he? Never ever heard a player do that. Only if they have a buy out clause and want out?😐

22 Apr 2019 19:18:54
Guys, he played well today , excellent in fact, did ok up until November then went missing. Still every chance he’ll be a great player for us but possibly only in certain formations . More happy for the management team after some of the disgraceful and disrespectful comments they’ve been subjected too.

22 Apr 2019 20:17:51
Best we've got by miles on a creative front.
Martin is a winner both as a player and manager.
Don't think as a legend he deserves some of the abuse,especially from the younger fans who didn't see him play.
Never a good time to take over mid season especially with an overinflated squad,sometimes it's better to have less to choose from

22 Apr 2019 16:55:01
Anyone who thinks Carvalho is a waste of space needs to think again. That was a sublime performance on how to be a creative midfielder. Bravo!

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22 Apr 2019 16:57:53
Agreed on that performance was it the formation or was he playing to stay or go? Great performance from the hole team.

22 Apr 2019 16:31:51
Carvalho chavalio
He makes us tick end of but he's 21 and fans expect too much in his first full season .
Think Martin has found the right formation.
No colback or yacob.
Thos 8s very entertaining

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22 Apr 2019 16:39:58
Apparently “he’s just not got it”

Absolutely dominated and nearly scored goal of the season. Build the team around this talent!!!! I said it the other day give him a free role.

22 Apr 2019 16:41:50
Never really negative on here.
Though too little too late

22 Apr 2019 16:45:07
Carvalho has certainly done it today I am happy to eat my words.

22 Apr 2019 16:45:44
Yes makes you wonder why we haven't played like that for a few months onwards and upwards for next season 😁

22 Apr 2019 17:08:56
Anyway 79 did you enjoy your beers I'm sure we getting some happy comments from Sutton today 😁

22 Apr 2019 17:10:02
Joa as prob been reading what people say about him on this site and think screw it why should i bother I don't think he is that type of guy and hope what did happen today will continue and build coyr

22 Apr 2019 17:16:28
Cos he wasn’t picked and it was the wrong formation week in week out. Some of you are unbelievable.

22 Apr 2019 18:02:35
MON experimented too soon? Certain results could've put us close, if we'd put out a winning side, week I week out.😖

22 Apr 2019 18:05:45
Skeggs still enjoying the beers,tried to get in touch with scouse duck for a few,Been waiting in the navi but been outvoted now and had to go to Hooters it's all gone tits up.
To much pussing about😁😁😁

22 Apr 2019 19:08:54
Navi and Hooters about 2 miles apart?😐

22 Apr 2019 15:51:04
Anyone watching this has to agree carvalho is class he makes things happen,some lovely football being played through him.
No hoof ball three at the back ,suits us .

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22 Apr 2019 16:02:16
SO much better. This is a MON team I can get behind. Even Osborn is playing well.

I worry MON will get stubborn and not keep this system though. But overall we’ve played good football and Carvalho has been brilliant.

22 Apr 2019 16:24:11
The players seem to be working well together and the confidence is coming back. 2-0 is a dangerous score so I hope they can hang on. Three goals will kill them off.

22 Apr 2019 17:27:52
Just goes to show that if the team is set up right then Carvalho will shine. Always thought we were set up better for 3 at the back with our personnel.

Nice to see my banker Shotton doing his usual he will be off before the ende.


22 Apr 2019 15:47:41
As much as I dislike the football of MON, why oh why don’t refs apply the letter of the law to our opponents? A clear penalty for forest- but an even clearer sending off. He wasn’t sent off- why? This is getting ridiculous, decision after decision going against us or not being given.

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22 Apr 2019 17:32:57
The 2 footer on Lolley, in front of the BC? No card, throw in and no talking to.😖

22 Apr 2019 15:31:14
You could not make it up. He leaves out players who play well in the previous match. Makes a player who openly criticised him captain. I think he realises him he is on the way out.

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22 Apr 2019 14:37:49
anybody want to guess what formation this is going to look like! . this could be 3-0 to us or 6-0 to them. can't see what understanding this TEAM could have developed in training . you never know though so think positive .3-2 to us with a Lolley screamer to win it! .

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22 Apr 2019 15:00:28
Three at the back and wing backs?
I'd guess


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