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08 Jan 2020 12:17:59
Apparently Norwich want Joe Worrall. A. They can afford him but will want to pay peanuts. B. He wants to play in the premier league but why go to Norwich when there coming straight back down. More importantly it's vital during this transfer window not only bring in quality additions to the squad but keep hold of our best players eg. Worrall, cash and samba.

Annesley red

1.) 08 Jan 2020 13:15:59
The amusement for me is that a year ago a lot of fans wanted rid of worrall for a lot less.

2.) 08 Jan 2020 16:54:56
To be fair he wasn’t playing too well a year ago ff. No patience amongst fans and not much loyalty either.

3.) 08 Jan 2020 17:32:18
A lot less than what ff?

4.) 08 Jan 2020 20:33:29
Well I'd say we'll get 15 million plus add ons for him he'll only get better.
Think he got too much of the blame for goals while playing alongside a failed left back who for some reason managers and some fans thought was a good centre back suddenly, the useless fox I'm talking about.

5.) 09 Jan 2020 18:44:21
Forestforever. Agree . when everyone was slagging him off before. I said he was playing in a poor side and a different back 4 every other week. I knew he was going to come good. With better players around him. He’s only going to get better. Just hope he stays.
In couple years he will be worth 50m.

6.) 09 Jan 2020 20:34:23
Red red can you manage my pension fund please?
I'm liking your profit margins 😁😁😁.



05 Dec 2019 14:16:41
Heard we are interested in conner whickham. Interesting. I rate him.

Annesley red

1.) 05 Dec 2019 21:08:25
When was the last time you seen him play?
Another sick note that hasn't done nothing since his scoring days at Ipswich.
Gamble not worth taking even for free.



26 Nov 2019 17:26:23
Apparently Arsenal want worrell.

Annesley red

1.) 26 Nov 2019 18:22:21
How much game time would he get at the A holes, if we are still in contention at Xmas i think he would stay. A team he knows and guaranteed to play most games when fit. He loves the club as well.

2.) 26 Nov 2019 19:06:50
Very similar to Dawson a few years back, he didn’t do too bad out of it. Let’s hope he doesn’t ask him for advice 🤷🏻‍♂️.

3.) 26 Nov 2019 19:36:08
Funny how players attitudes change over the years, when young they want shortish contracts mostly then as they get older they want as long a contracts as possible. When they are young they do loads of running, as they get older they lean to be in the right place at the right time. There are some exceptions though,the only thing that stays the same is they like all of us want as much money as possible whatever their age.

4.) 26 Nov 2019 23:14:55
Ask any young aspiring confident footballer who he would rather play for. An improving championship team or a proven established european playing premierleague team. I don't think he would think too long about it.

5.) 27 Nov 2019 09:46:13
Think on:
1. Dawson was sold when we were skint and would have stayed for another promotion push before stepping up.

2. We do not need to sell Worrall who is red through and though and will bide his time.

3. Arsenal are in disarray and Dick Emery will be gone by Xmas.

4. Arsenal's new manager needs oven ready Premiership defenders to solve their short term problem and arrest the falling attendances and owners cash cow.

5. More chance of Ozil joining us than Worrall going! 🤣.

6.) 27 Nov 2019 10:53:20
A nice £20m fee with a decent sell-on clause, plus a loan back to Forest until the end of NEXT season.

That would make me think twice.

7.) 27 Nov 2019 12:13:24
That would be good in one way, but bad in another SSWE, that is good money for a Championship defender, and you include a sell on fee but if we were to get him loaned back untill the end of next season, we got to the Premier league at the end of this season, and he had a cracking season in the Premier league the £20m, sell on fee and loan back would look cheap.

8.) 27 Nov 2019 12:27:56
Red just a quick question - how do you know the financial issues of the club regarding ffp etc.
I doubt there’s any legs in this rumour at all and don’t want Worral to go but if an offer came in for a decent amount I’m sure the club and player would both take it.

9.) 27 Nov 2019 13:26:19
If that happens then we can sum up his entire footballing future in 5 words: Reserve team. Second-rate career.

10.) 28 Nov 2019 10:33:47
The summer is the time to take stock. Worrall needs a full season to show he is the real deal and has become consistent?

11.) 28 Nov 2019 18:32:41
The summer is the time that I sit out on me decking with me glass of wine!



15 Nov 2019 10:11:46
I KNEW this would happen. Premier league club in for matty cash. If you believe this newspapers Everton want him for 12 million. However i also read that Peterborough want 13 MILLION for ivan Tony. Has the posh chairman been sniffing the bostick? I thought ivan Tony would be a possible signing for us in the transfer window as we need another striker but 13 million. NO!

Annesley red

1.) 15 Nov 2019 10:38:22
It's because we were daft enough to pay that much for Carvalho, Annesley.

2.) 15 Nov 2019 12:58:06
If your team does well there are usually bigger teams taking a look at your better players. It is as much about who comes in as it is about who leaves.

3.) 15 Nov 2019 14:45:39
I much preferred it when we were towards the bottom of the league and everyone was playing badly - nobody came in then to unsettle us and show interest in our players 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣.

4.) 15 Nov 2019 18:32:44
Me too 2tone. None of this worrying about promotion lark.

5.) 15 Nov 2019 22:54:41
Yep. This success thing is not all it's cracked up to be.

6.) 16 Nov 2019 09:50:31
S_Getty indeed, how many clubs can afford to spend around £100m doing up their stadium 🏟 and bring in at least nine players in every transfer window.



30 Oct 2019 20:07:01
I was talking to a chap at work today abd he asked the club to say he injured himself whilst training. The club refused. Probably had something to do with the decision to sack him. He deserves it. He's an hole. Remember him kicking off at the grounds man last time we played derby ?

Annesley red

1.) 31 Oct 2019 21:46:19
No he deserves all his contract paying in full that"ll stop mel signing players 😁😁😁.

2.) 01 Nov 2019 09:22:30
Doesn’t matter what’s he’s done or not done the fact is he’s got sacked when 2 other muppets should of had the same treatment.

3.) 01 Nov 2019 13:52:07
Sacked the muppet who is injured and at the wrong end of his playing days where the other 2 muppet are young and worth a few quid. Convenient excuse to get rid.

4.) 01 Nov 2019 20:31:15
That's why keogh would probably win a court case, double standards




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01 Jun 2020 12:29:31
Hello all. I hope you are all well. Does anyone know how i can watch the forest games ? I know that it will be on the red button sky however I don't have sky. Any advice fellow reds?

Annesley red

1.) 01 Jun 2020 14:52:55
They the "Mobdro" App mate. its pretty good.

2.) 01 Jun 2020 22:19:33
With no fans and no atmosphere it ain't worth watching.
First player player to spit will be in trouble and its a natural habit when your running your heart out.

3.) 02 Jun 2020 10:39:58
First post since the postponement, so, sorry if my comments are old hat! Has anyone suggested having the screens showing live fans in large venues watching the game and piping the sound of them into the ground? Players could acknowledge the screen when scoring, etc.
It would give a bit of atmosphere, maybe?

I fear for the quality of football without something.

4.) 02 Jun 2020 19:26:42
How about when say one of our players score, the rest of the team jump into the nearest seating and cheer, accompanied by "Canned Cheering"?
Just say'n?



04 May 2020 18:23:06
Just reading the evening post. Apparently alfa semedo has a 60 million € release clause lol!

Annesley red

1.) 04 May 2020 19:12:45
Better off with an "Alfa" Romeo!

2.) 04 May 2020 22:27:09
Another famous forest flop.

3.) 05 May 2020 17:49:49
Wonder who his agent is ?

4.) 05 May 2020 21:41:26
55 yrs old today. and my son bought me "Cloughie" The Autobiography!
Simply brilliant!

5.) 06 May 2020 15:35:53
Hope you had as good a birthday as possible under the circumstances Rogie and you and your family are all good.
And also hope everyone else in our Forest family is well too!

6.) 06 May 2020 19:20:27
Cheers mate. good day considering. Stay Safe Yall!

7.) 06 May 2020 19:38:25
Happy birthday mate .

8.) 06 May 2020 22:40:31
Happy birthday youngster.

9.) 06 May 2020 22:16:45
Thanks 2 Star

10.) 07 May 2020 08:51:57
Late happy birthday to you rogie hope you had a few 🍻 hope your family is well.

11.) 07 May 2020 11:17:29
Hi rogie, hope you had a good day, on your birthday mate, very belated happy birthday, !



04 May 2020 10:42:13
I'm reading that certain premier league clubs don't want to play the remaining games behind closed doors Brighton west ham etc unless there is NO relegation and there banging on about keeping the integrity of the league! What a joke. What's the point of playing games if there is no outcome. Relegation and promotion MUST apply if you want to keep the integrity of the league.

Annesley red

1.) 04 May 2020 11:21:21
Fully agree.

2.) 04 May 2020 12:45:35
Football will lose its integrity if it plays games without supporters in the ground.

3.) 04 May 2020 13:15:26
This one is going to divide opinion for years . I’m in the null and void camp all day long, I see no sense in finishing the 19/ 20 season. Hopefully pre season can commence as normal and clubs can set their stall out for an Aug start for the 20/ 21 season . Just my opinion .

4.) 04 May 2020 16:20:03
The longer this goes on the greater the possibility of that happening.

5.) 04 May 2020 17:07:37
Regarding this subject, Steve Parish comments over the weekend seems to make a lot of sense to me. Worth a read.

6.) 04 May 2020 23:01:05
Football can't start again and its foolish to think the season will resume.
There are too many problems for any contact sport to restart anytime soon.
One thing footballers do is spit alot, that's habit and won't just stop as they are used to doing it.
A goal won't be alliwed to be celebrated and some players will probably refuse to play.
If just one player at one club tests positive then the rest would have to go into quarantine for 14 days causing even more problems.
It can't happen and if it does then pubs and restaurants will demand to open as they can operate social distancing far better than football can.
France and holland have done the right thing and its just a matter of time before the premier idiots realuse its a no goer.

{Ed001's Note - the Germans are already finding players are testing positive and they have only just returned to training.}

7.) 05 May 2020 11:20:36
This virus has been around a lot longer than the so called experts are letting on. Late november a virus with identical symptons started in our village. 2 people we know of had returned from china in mid november.

I talk to people up and down the country and they report similar incidents. France now are saying that their test show cases as early as december. Some journos are indicating that they have evidence it was here late summer.

Why am i sayjng this? Its a very small proportion of the population that have been infected pre and post lockdown. Yes its a real disease but to hide the population away infinitum is madness.

Sensible social distancing and personal responsibilities is required to get the world moving again. This status quo is not sustainable financially. It seems this disease is here to stay so we need to deal with it sensibly for the long term.

It has not gone rampant in the lockdown yet we all go to the shops and trust me once inside people are brushing past one another and things seem well under control.

The governments have managed to instil panic and paranoia into society. Its an unreal world, steps need to be taken sooner to re socialise us including sport. If they don't and its that dangerous then where will sport be in the future? Impossible to watch from the terrace or take part in. Worrying?

8.) 05 May 2020 14:47:22
Something will have to give because i'm in the building trade and they want us to go back to work.
Cant get plasterboard or plaster same with a lot of other materials.
Moved house and it needs a total renovation luckly its ok to live in.
Just sorting the garden out and forgetting about the house till next year.
Its interesting what the Israeli scientist said that with or without lockdown it only last about 70 days and that all lockdown does is to limit the number of casualties.
That 70 days does seem to be happening in countries affected before us.
We sahall see but the economy has to open very soon and even pub gardens should with waiter service and only cl8se relative at a table.



03 May 2020 12:27:50
I see the Brighton CEO is at it again! Calling for the season to be made null and void. Saying that playing any more games would affect the integrity of league. Utter rubbish. Got nothing to do with the fact that they are in a relegation battle. No. Using this awful situation as an excuse to benefit themselves or there club is disgraceful. When are journalists going to grow a pair and accuse them of self preservation and using Corona virus as an excuse. Makes my blood boil!

Annesley red

1.) 03 May 2020 18:29:44
He's got a point though. Yes he's got his own agenda as to why he wants the season to be null and void but to play games without supporters and at neutral venues would effect the integrity of football as a whole, thus, making a mockery of the game.



18 Apr 2020 21:59:36
This season is too far gone for it NOT to be completed. it has to be completed. If it means next season being made shorter then so be it. this way all teams know what the situation is and they are all in the same situation.

Annesley red

1.) 18 Apr 2020 22:30:30
Can i ask do you think you will go to a match next season?
Because i dont.
So if we try and end this one then what?
A European competition with no fans?
Promotion and relegation but still no fans?
The leagues start so late that there is an end to a season but no preseason?

2.) 19 Apr 2020 19:22:09
End it now, scrap the euro’s completely, start as normal in August if social distancing allows.

3.) 19 Apr 2020 19:53:25
Got to agree 2 star all the football authorities are doing is sitting on a fench and hoping for a miracle to save their arses.




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