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11 Aug 2022 15:28:11
What a difference a year makes, the club have been going along nicely financially that is. Promotion has blown away the cobwebs, just thinking now of the tall order of running the club financially, millions on players, wages, stadium to alter. Then all that money from promotion, sponserships, and tv rights etc. Just what a turnaround, mind blowing monies, it's just WOW.

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05 Aug 2022 17:37:50
Nearly here.
Hold in tight.
New season upon us.

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04 Aug 2022 13:02:48
According to The Athletic, Nottingham Forest now want to bring Willem II striker Jizz Hornkamp to the Premier League. I'm sure he won't cum over to the City Ground! :)

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30 Jul 2022 20:13:14
Anyone go to the game?

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26 Jul 2022 22:57:38
Not sure if any others watched the game tonight. But it’s clear to see why we have bought in numerous players!

Yates and surridge were off the pace but was expected due to prior injuries, surridge took his goal very well though. Once he’s up to speed I think he’ll do well in the prem.

As for the rest of the squad it wasn’t a good performance at all in honesty. I know it’s only pre season and it’s mainly about getting match fit but the technical side of the game doesn’t just come and go they simply aren’t good enough. The only player I think could get regular minutes at some point (excluding Yates, Surridge and biancone) is Mbe Soh he’s looked good throughout pre season and had another solid game tonight. Laryea wasn’t too bad either but gave the ball away a few times needlessly, is tidy going forward though. Donnelly looks to be a decent taken too. The rest of them were useless plain and simple. Cafu, ojeda, Taylor, Smith have a reasonable experience between them but they all had shockers.

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27 Jul 2022 10:21:29
Agreed Cafu's goal was a shocker, brilliant strike.

27 Jul 2022 14:22:12
He scored a goal so it means he had a great game? Apart from the goal and a nice flick to send Laryea away he did nothing and he was meant to be one of the more experienced and better players on the pitch.

26 Jul 2022 22:38:41
Embarrassing tonight. First half utter rubbish apart from Surridge's brilliant strike (as usual) . Cufu and Ojeda had no influence or dominance in midfield whatsoever. Defence and midfield cut open time after time in the second half. Smith made 2 brilliant stops and possibly our best player. Biancone's passing across his own back 4 bizarre at times. Don't know what to say or think?

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26 Jul 2022 23:51:39
If you think Smith was our best player then it really doesn't say much about the rest lol.
Yes he made a couple of decent stops but made some absolute howlers as well one of which led to a goal.
I've never rated him and saw little tonight to change my opinion of him.
Biancone is for me a very puzzling transfer. A lot of money for what seems to be a utility player. Injuries apart I can't see him getting a start as one of the back three and will probably be fourth choice wingback when everyone is fit.

26 Jul 2022 15:39:43
Can you get Forest TV up in the badlands Bowster?

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21 Jul 2022 21:53:16
Actually no i'm not going to leave it there. got to get it off my chest with the rest of the sh#te i can't bring up.
Cooper/murphy and obviously i wish these lads well (IN THE PREMIERSHIP) but this was a manager i thought instilled trust in players .look at those gone and believed. Look at them there from last season and there fkn wage structures. Look at teams in the past eggs in one basket. Look at the youth being brought in from the academy. Look at the coaching staff step up. Because we will need it. Look at his past spitting his dummy out not getting his own way with money. i'm just pissed off. don't get me wrong i don't feel sorry for any one of them as they will all have healthy lifestyles .and bank balances . Its just these fkn figures of wages. Wasn't too long ago you got 3 stars because you could put salt on chips. Now look at it. For the game you love. And i say this from words of the best manager ever lived on this planet. He would struggle with the amount of money in this game . Just fkn sad for me i'm sorry.

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21 Jul 2022 23:49:17
Cloughie paid the first million pounds for a player though mate
It's all sports not just football.
America pays stupid money for baseball and basketball It's life my friend.

25 Jul 2022 11:45:56
£999,999 according to the gaffer.


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