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23 Jan 2021 22:17:48
I wouldn't bother posting who should go and who should stay,just get rid of the manager and get one who has more than one game plan,🤔

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23 Jan 2021 16:04:52
Where is, i never have had any doubt about the team turning things around SSWE.? 😁.

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22 Jan 2021 20:34:46
Krovonovic great signing imo.

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18 Jan 2021 22:12:53
On another note 25 thosand hevily armed troops to protect a presidential inauguration?
Not much social distancing there?
Love the place but they are the knobs of the world.
A fart gets to be in charge and boy has he blew off for four years. 🤣🤣
Meanwhile boris goes for a bike ride in london our capitol.

Only boris can go too far 🤣🤣🤣.

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19 Jan 2021 22:43:38
If ever a man needs locking up or the nation putting him on a boat at sea then that's trump.
What he did was treason.
The man is dangerous.

11 Jan 2021 08:11:43
Right i listened to lyle taylor and saw his wonderful goal. Every time i hear him he impresses me. Articulate and refreshingly honest. For me as nkw clear top scorer he is first name on the team sheet. He brings so much more than Grabban and I really think he has the versatility to plsy with different systems and plsyers and you cannot fault his workrate. Jordon smith did enough for me to to oost samba. The defence trusted him.

If anyone is looking for disharmony in the camp perhaps lyle taylor in his honest views on BLM cast a light on a split that he could not wait to get off his chest. He seems focussed on football matters and as he scored today after starting a game in a while he got the chance to voice his opinion. He went into detail in a passionate manner and fair play to him for his bravery.

This has been eating him for a while and he must feel the heat to stand alone not taking the knee. Like worral in his frustrations about being embarresed about our league position. Personally I am proud of both these lads, their attitude is first class. Take heed the rest of you players we just want committment and passion and unity. Once over that white line its up to the players and not all down to hughton.

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13 Jan 2021 18:12:04
Its down to the dof bringing in players without a plan as to where they fit into a team.
Disharmony is down to hughton.
If he can't motivate or get the squad round to his way of playing "boring" then we won't succeed.
Fair play to taylor for his views but he's come here to play football not be articulate in his speech and personally i don't think he's any where near good enough if your looking at getting out of the championship.

11 Jan 2021 07:26:16
So Lyle Taylor refusing to take a knee, stating that BLM campaign has been "diluted". I admire the strength of his convictions.

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01 Jan 2021 21:29:39
Nottingham Forest the table doesn’t lie. Shame most of the players don’t care, because us fans do. No pace, no quality no game plan and no hope. Bottlers, has beens no hopers and sulkers. One paced plodders, donkeys and lower league journeymen, wage grabbers and self centred egos. We have the lot mainly thanks to our DOF.

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26 Dec 2020 17:13:55
Maranakis out maranakis out.

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26 Dec 2020 17:38:55
Happy when he's gone skeggs but won't be easy to find a buyer.
Think he just needs to start blaming his own entourage that he trusts to run the club.


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