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20 Jan 2022 19:36:06
For anyone not yet aware of a recent freedom of information request done concerning our current situation regarding the c.v. I recommend a video on Utube which is quite enlightening.
It's by Dr John Campbell and was published on 20th Jan 2022 and is entitled "Freedom of information revelation".
This Dr has up to now followed the government narrative and has done daily bulletins with very detailed information on the data.
He is though clearly taken aback by this latest information.
If anyone needs any further proof that the books have been well and truly cooked then I recommend you find and watch this video.

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09 Jan 2022 19:39:37
I've got something to say on here, its a banter site i agree, but players worked hard for me today. Do people actually realise we played a Premier club. Yet call out individuals. Get your heads out. As for arteta, football etiquette out the window not admitting we were the better side, hang your head young man. Its not about beating southern wa#nkers actually yes it is . YOU REDS LUV YA sorry ed14 still luv ya too mate.

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04 Jan 2022 22:39:31
See china have put over 1 million people into lockdown because of 3 people catching c.v., only time it happens here is if we have an inch of snow 🤔.

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17 Dec 2021 18:18:43
Seen some comments from Bowie and Carlo about Katie Price it's a bit sexist, is it not. Or do we only care about " mental illness" when it's someone on this site?.

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18 Dec 2021 17:30:27
If you mention an ism or rightly call it out, you are sent to the discussion area. I think it's the eds trying to keep it about footy. Just wish they would filter a bit of the sexism/ borderline-racism, so we didn't need to call it out.

Great site, but you're going to get some widely different opinions and types of folks with a broad appeal like footy. All part of the fun.

19 Dec 2021 15:52:28
Red tan do you realise what a car can do. Far from sexist mate. Think of the damage she could have done to an oncoming car filled with kids. Shes been warned umpteen times. Believe me I'd love to call her a lot more but the professionalism in the EDs stop me. I have kids and grandkids. Mental illness as shes has so much help with throughout the years doesn't mean drink drive.

31 Dec 2021 00:15:19
Red tan - bit harsh and maybe not politically correct but maybe some of us care about people who care for themselves and their loved ones? Rather than just love themselves?

13 Dec 2021 22:53:23
Panic is caused by those that panic the most.
Get your hab
Get your second
Get your booster quick
Doesn't matter what the masses do, we get restrictions.
Has to end and panic measures and inter party point scoring Doesn't help.
The guessing of how it COULD pan out is just that, because if two or three jabs aren't good enough, then there is nothing else we can do to conform.
Chiba doesn't seem to have a problem anymore with the winter Olympics coming up?
Time to get on with life as no one dies of flu anymore and any other respiratory disease according to statistics.
Just saying.

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14 Dec 2021 10:57:28
This stopped being about a c.v. long ago Ff and is now being used to fulfill other more sinister agendas.
Look at other hard line countries around the world banning the unjabbed from society and getting ready to hit them with life changing fines for non compliance. Is all this really being done in the interest of health? How can anyone possibly say it is?
This is all about the passports and if they get voted in today which they more than likely will due to the Labour Party having no spine then not only will things never get back to normal, they will get far worse than anybody could ever imagine.
People have walked blindly into this due to constant fear mongering and propaganda.
I'm glad you seem to have started seeing things in another light.
Sadly it may be too late.

14 Dec 2021 12:30:38
I don't totally agree with all your points, but to me we just have to learn to live with it, not close up shop every time a new variant comes along.
Even the South African doctor who first found this mutation has said she can't believe the way our government is handling it a nd says it only last about five days and tends to just make you feel ache and fatigue, but they listen to our panic scientists with their modelling that can't be proved.
Rabb said this morning there were 250 omrican patient's in hospitals, he then change that figure to nine people an hour later.

14 Dec 2021 14:16:27
At least your researching other perspectives and not just listening to the narrative put out by Sage.
I'm not denying there's a nasty c.v. out there and I'm certainly no expert on vaxs.
The constant push for them when other treatments are available and the gradual removal of civil liberties makes me highly suspicious that something isn't quite right.
I certainly hope I'm wrong.
Time will tell.

14 Dec 2021 20:44:45
The removal of civil liberties is my major gripe Fred.
As far as I'm concerned I was bought up living in a free country.
That no longer seems to be the case.
I just believe after two years and with a massive take up on vax, you can't keep locking things down, it's just panic driven by scientists models of what could happen.

18 Dec 2021 17:31:09
Why aren't you complaining about your right to protest being taken away?

13 Jan 2022 20:51:16
Sorry Cyclist I haven't visited this page for a while.
Yes your right, with the government's new Police, crime, sentencing and courts Bill effectively handing powers to the Police and Pretty Useless Patel to shut down protests we'd best get them in quick before we lose them for good.
Did you also know that on Xmas Eve, yes Xmas Eve they passed a bill to relax the rules for visas thus inviting foreigners to come over and fill the vacancies in the care home sector and upcoming NHS shortages both due to the vax mandates?
This will result in the arrival of a quarter of a million immigrants over the next year or so! Do you know why they put this through on Xmas Eve? So it would go largely unnoticed and not be widely reported on as newspapers don't go to print on Xmas day.
They really are a canny and crafty lot aren't they?
It really makes you wonder what else they've been up to over the last couple years doesn't it?
Have they been lying or covering anything up, over exaggerating certain things maybe?
You really don't know who to trust these days. That's why I like to do my own thorough research now.
It's amazing what you can find if your prepared to put the time and effort in.

13 Dec 2021 13:01:49
With Omicron not from Omicron.

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08 Dec 2021 23:43:43
I see we have joined the us and Canada in boycotting the winter Olympics in China with our dignitaries.
Pity they can't boycott all Chinese goods entering the countries?
After what's happened to the tennis player all competitors should boycott it as well.
That sends the best message bejing will ever understand.

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09 Dec 2021 12:14:19
Well said 79.

10 Dec 2021 00:26:36
The way this government makes new rules overnight banning us from things.
Isn't it the correct thing to do and ban athletes from attending?
My view is if the athletes want to go then let them go, but they are on their own, I won't watch and encourage a state like China.
Wasn't so long ago they were massacring their own people for speaking out.
Now they are ethnic cleansing.
A **** regime that the West needs to stop buying off.
What's the point in the uk going carbon nutruel when they are building coal fired power stations?

06 Dec 2021 08:03:25
Did you see on itv, the director of child services explaining the process and legal procedure on child visits at home. To understand their powers and intervention is very restricted. That is what I in a clumsy way was trying to get at. Sorry if you misunderstood me.

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